2016 Commencement Ceremony Information:

Friday, May 13, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.
Marvin R. White Coliseum
Poplarville, Mississippi

Map of the Poplarville Campus (Marvin R. White Coliseum is number 33 on the map.)

Congratulations on reaching this point in your education! We are happy that you chose to be a student at Pearl River Community College and that you are nearing completion of requirements for graduation.

If you have not ordered your cap and gown, the deadline for doing so was April 21, 2016. The website is Item number four on that page will take you to the order form. The cap and gowns are yours to keep after the graduation ceremony.  Since it is past the deadline, we cannot guarantee that it is still possible to order these items.

Want to join the PRCC Alumni Association?  Visit the PRCC Alumni Association Photobooth prior to the ceremony and we'll tell you how to become a Wildcat for Life!! PRCC Graduation Photobooth

PRCC Graduation Ready

The stage is set….
The chairs are aligned….
The time for the ceremony draws near.
The music will play….
The processional will begin….
All that’s left is to give a rousing cheer!

Important Details Regarding the Day of the Graduation Ceremony:


The ceremony is scheduled for 10:00 a.m., Friday, May 13th, 2016 at the Marvin R. White Coliseum in Poplarville. We ask you to encourage your friends and family who attend to remain in the Coliseum until the entire ceremony is complete.

Assembly and Line-up

8:45 a.m. (Graduates must be on time.) Report to the maroon tent at the back of the Coliseum. Check-in and receive items such as honor cords.


Women should wear dark shoes with a walking and closed heel. Men should wear a white shirt, tie, dark trousers, dark socks and dark shoes. The only item that may be worn over the gown are honors cords and Phi Theta Kappa stoles.


Official commencement photographers will be on hand at the commencement ceremony to photograph each candidate as diplomas are received.  Photographs can be viewed and ordered 48 hours after the ceremony at:  Once the photos are available on the website, graduates will receive an email containing a pin number which will allow individual portraits to be viewed.  A proof order form will be sent approximately 5-7 days following graduation.  This form may be used to order official photographs by mail or fax.

On the day of graduation, you will complete a card with your contact information. This card will be used to call your name at the ceremony and to identify you to the photographer. Remember to keep your cap tassel to the side and to pause and smile as you shake the President's hand.  (Stop. Shake. Smile.) 

During the Ceremony

Faculty and Staff will be in strategic locations directing graduates of when to sit/stand.

Awarding of Diplomas

Students participating in the graduation ceremony will each receive an empty diploma cover during the ceremony. If you were an August or December graduate and have already received your diploma in the mail, place your empty diploma cover in your chair after the ceremony.

After the Ceremony

May graduates return to the maroon tent to collect your diploma. (Prior to the day of the ceremony, I encourage you to check the status of your account with the Business Office. You will not receive your diploma or a transcript until your account has been cleared.)

Phi Theta Kappa Members

If you are a member of Phi Theta Kappa and wish to wear graduation regalia, you may wear the Honors Stole and Gold Tassel. You are NOT permitted to wear the Double Honor Cord or the Key Medallion. Phi Theta Kappa graduation regalia may be purchased directly from the Recognitions Catalog 1-800-946-9996 or at the Recognitions Store online at

Stoles: $24.00
Tassels: $ 10.00

PRCC Graduation Crowd Graduation Williams Pic