Inventory Control


Inventory control of property of Pearl River Community College will be maintained.

Consumable Supplies

Materials and supplies are defined as goods to be consumed during the normal course of operations of the College. These goods are not inventoried at year end because in most cases the amounts on hand are very small. However, as they are purchased and held during the year awaiting consumption, the control over the storerooms in which the supplies are held is very important. The materials and supplies purchased through normal purchasing channels mentioned in Purchasing Procedures are controlled in the following manner:

  1. The deliveries of supplies to the central store (maintenance warehouse) are logged by the warehouseman. When the supplies are delivered a signature is required allowing the supplies to be controlled. The facility used as a central store is locked each night and regularly checked by campus security.
  2. After supplies are delivered to the users, supplies are kept in locked offices and classrooms by instructors. Non instructional supplies such as janitorial supplies are kept in the central store under the control of supervisors until issued and then kept in locked closets of the buildings where they will be consumed.


All equipment purchased for use in classrooms or for support activities is controlled by the individual department responsible for daily use.

  1. A non-removable sticker with PRCC and a control number is attached to each piece of equipment purchased with a cost of $1,000 or more.

    Each department is responsible for preparing a list and verifying each year that all equipment assigned is accounted for. A copy of this list is submitted to the Vice President for College Operations by June 30th each year. The Vice President for College Operations checks this list against a master list prepared by the computer for the use of the Business Office.

  2. As equipment is purchased, costing $1,000 or more, the description, quantity and department location is entered in the computer program designed to track this information. At any time a listing by department can be produced to be used for verification and reconciliation.
  3. If a faculty/staff member finds equipment has been stolen, a written report listing the serial number and PRCC inventory number is prepared by the faculty/staff discovering the missing equipment. This report is given to the security officer. A copy of this report is forwarded to the Vice President for College Operations for use in removing the equipment from inventory.