Helpful Links

For Direct Loan entrance counseling and to complete you Master Promissory Note:

Student Aid on the Web: - Provides students and their parents information about federal student aid and preparing for college.

PIN Web site: - Applying for a Federal Student Aid PIN can really help your financial aid application move faster.

FAFSA on the Web: - This is a FREE site! BEWARE…if you’re asked for bank account or credit card information, you’re not dealing with the U.S. Department of Education’s site.

Selective Service Registration: - All males between the ages of 18-26 are required by law to register with Selective Service. You cannot receive any form of federal student aid if you are not registered with Selective Service.

Social Security Administration: - For assistance with documentation you may need through the Social Security Administration, access their web-site at the address listed.

State Office of Student Financial Aid:

Vocational-Rehabilitation Services: - Students who made need assistance through the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services can access their website at the address listed above to locate the nearest service center.

Internal Revenue Service: - For any information you may need from the Internal Revenue Service regarding the filing of your federal tax returns or for obtaining copies of filed forms, locate your nearest IRS office by accessing the address listed above.

United States Department of Veterans Affairs: - If you believe you may qualify for veterans’ benefits through your service in the military or through the service of a parent or spouse, look for information regarding new benefit programs for education by accessing the ad-dress listed above.