Library Services

Poplarville Campus

The online library catalog, the Magnolia Project, which indexes 26 databases, and other online databases listed on the Online Resources page can be searched from any computer, on or off campus that has Internet access.  Patrons can access the library’s catalog using the URL,, or by clicking on the Online Library Catalog on the Library's homepage.  The Magnolia Project and other online databases can be located through the Online Resources section of the PRCC Library's homepage.  Patrons will notice that there are also links to newspapers, news magazines, online library catalogs of other colleges, museums, and government sites.

Below is a list of materials, programs, and services provided by the Libraries and Labs. Most of these services are available through the Forrest County Center Library in Hattiesburg and the Hancock Center Library in Waveland.  Contact the Forrest County Center Library, Hattiesburg, at 601-554-5522 or the Garvin H. Johnston Library, Poplarville, at 601-403-1332 with any questions about services. 

An ID is required to use the Library and Lab computers.  Students must have a valid PRCC ID and sign in at the GHJ Learning Lab media desk to use computers in the Learning Lab. There is a one-hour limit on all computers, if other students are waiting to use them.  In the Library, students can release their print jobs in the printing room located next to the GHJ Circulation Desk.  In the Learning Lab, printers are located by the Media Desk.  Students are not to install any add-ons or updates from any Internet Web sites to Library/Learning Lab computers.  Failure to abide by the Library and Learning Lab rules will result in the loss of Internet privileges.  Patrons requiring special assistance in the PRCC Library may make inquiries by calling or visiting the circulation desk located within the library.  Some of the accommodations available at the PRCC Library are:

  • Wheelchair accessible front entrance
  • Floor maps
  • Large lettered signs designating each collection
  • Wheelchair accessible computer station in Library/Learning Lab
  • Personal instruction in finding resources and using assistive technology

The following list of adaptive technology is available in the PRCC Learning Lab:

  • Software to magnify and read information from a computer screen
  • Jaws screen reader
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Essentials software which allows dictation to the computer
  • Open Book software and scanner to scan text into computer file
  • Closed Caption Videos
  • Learning Lab Staff  available to instruct students in use of assistive technology
  • EasyCat touchpad to supplement regular mouse
Johnston Library
CCN Classroom By appointment
Email Library computers
MAGNOLIA Project (online)
  EBSCO host
(Passwords can be obtained from the Library staff)
  (Mississippi Electronic Libraries Online supporting MSVCC)
No password needed
EBSCO host
Create account in Library
Online Library Catalog Accessible from any computer
  Humanities Index Online (Riverguide)
  Nursing & Allied Health Source (Riverguide)
  CQ Researcher (MELO)
  Issues & Controversies (MELO)
  Opposing Viewpoints (MELO)
(Passwords can be obtained from the Library staff)
Scantron Test Forms Library circulation desk after 4:00 p.m.
Word Processing, Excel, Access, etc. Library Computers
Audiovisual equipment Inquire at media desk
Computer Assisted Instruction Sign in at media desk
Make-up and Pre/Post Tests By appointment
Testing for online classes By appointment
Textbook Readability Inquire at media desk
Topic specific computer programs for courses Sign in at media desk
Tutorials in a variety of subjects Accessible from any computer in Lab
Videocassettes, DVD’s, etc. Inquire at media desk
Word Processing, Excel, Access, etc. Sign in at media desk