WIN Job Center Office Technology Program

The WIN Job Center Office Technology Program is offered at the Hattiesburg WIN Job Center. The program’s goal is to provide members of the workforce with the training necessary to perform effectively and efficiently in today’s technology driven workforce. The curriculum is designed to provide clients with hands on experience allowing them to breakdown the barrier between simply obtaining knowledge and applying it to real life situations. Upon completion of the program clients are able to complete internet job searches, create documents, and correspond electronically with potential employers. The skills obtained are necessary to improve their employability and workforce success.

There is no charge for the classes. The only requirement is that clients register with the WIN Center.

Hattiesburg WIN Job Center
Instructor: Hope Baldwin
1911 Arcadia Street
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Ph: (601)584 – 1202 ext 1929

The courses offered through this program are listed below:

Introduction to Computer Concepts (3 hrs/1 day) – An introduction to parts of the computer; how the computer works; and useful tips for purchasing your own computer system

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (6 hrs/2 days) – The basics of the Windows XP/Vista/7 operating system: how to copy, save, create folders, move files; the Windows hierarchal storage method; how to change user settings on your computer; using the mouse

Keyboarding (12 hrs/4 days) – How to type on the computer using Typing Web (; good for the beginner or the expert

Microsoft Word 2010 (Microsoft Office 2010) (9 hrs/3 days) – Word processing software for creating flyers, letters, reports

Microsoft Excel 2010 (Microsoft Office 2010) (9 hrs/3 days) – Spreadsheet software for creating detailed lists, reports, budgets, bookkeeping paperwork

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (Microsoft Office 2010) (6 hrs/2 days) – Presentation software for creating computer slide shows

Internet Applications (3hrs/1 day) – How to navigate the Internet using the address bar and perform research using Internet search engines and useful tips on internet safety

E-mail (6hrs/2 days) – How to set-up and manage an e-mail account including sending attachments and sorting messages