Pearl River Community College


Each student that participates in the instrumental, vocal, and drama programs at Pearl River is eligible for a service scholarship. Scholarships are awarded for a maximum of six semesters and do not have to be taken during consecutive semesters. Service scholarships with in the Department of Fine Arts and Communication are "stackable" meaning that if a student is in more than one performing group, he or she will receive a scholarship for that service. Service scholarships may also be taken in addition to academic scholarships and Federal financial aid such as Pell Grant. Scholarship amounts from full tuition to half tuition, depending upon which group you participate and are awarded only for the semester enrolled in the performance group. Scholarships are also available for "Outstanding Musicians" in the instrumental areas. These scholarships are in addition to service scholarships in all groups and are made available through an audition arranged with the director. For more information on "Outstanding Musician" scholarships, contact the director.