Pearl River Community College

Health, Physical Ed. & Rec.

Students in an Associate in Arts program are required to earn two credit hours from Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPR). One (1) of the required credits must be earned through a course that makes use of the Wellness Center. Wellness Center courses require regular participation at the Wellness Center. A comprehensive fitness assessment is conducted at the beginning of each semester and an exercise program is designed for each student.

Through classroom teaching, the academic foundations presented in the applied programs of the department strengthen individuals to engage in applied arts and human sciences.  Upon transferring to a four year institution and majoring in any of the areas of health, physical education and recreation, students are further prepared for career opportunities in meeting the complex educational, health, leisure and sport science needs of society allowing them to improve upon the complex and dynamic needs for individuals, groups, families, organizations and communities within the state, region and nation.  
Potential Majors in the areas of Health, Physical Education & Recreation Include:
1.    Exercise Science
2.    Kinesiology
3.    Athletic Training
4.    Therapeutic Recreation
5.    Physical Education K-12
6.    Sports Management
7.    Sport Coaching Education

For more information contact:
Tara Rouse 601-403-1340
Chair of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Department
Lindsay Loustalot 601-403-1062
Nursing/Wellness Coordinator


Pearl River Community College
Wellness Center
Box 5635
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Wellness is a state of health more positive than the mere absence of disease.  Wellness is the conscious and deliberate effort to stay healthy and achieve the highest potential for physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being.