How to Apply

Application period for ADN program is now closed.

Application period for Spring 2015, will reopen September 1, 2014.

Note: Complete applications (all required documentation) must be hand delivered or postmarked before or on October 1, 2014

* Nursing Mailbox is conveniently located in the lobby of the Nursing Building for application submission.

Please follow the instructions for deadline dates & for information of what must accompany your application. It is your responsibility to have all attachments with your application to the Department of Nursing Education by the required due date! The Department of Nursing Education does not obtain any transcripts, ACT scores, etc. from PRCC Admissions Office – this is your responsibility to provide copies of these documents. If your application does not have all required documentation, your application will be consided incomplete. Please list a current address & phone number on your application form!


The Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program prepares an individual to become a professional registered nurse (RN). The RN may supervise Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), nurse technicians, certified nursing assistants, and/or medical assistants. The RN provides direct patient care and assists in making decisions regarding plans of care for individuals and groups. A graduate of the ADN program is conferred the Associate in Applied Science Degree and is eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) to become an RN. The associate degree RN takes general educational courses that are transferrable for a baccalaureate degree. The ADN program is accredited by the Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).


A selection of applicants is made by the ADN Admission Committee using a competitive selection process based on the nursing program’s admission requirements and an applicant’s residency. Applicants are ranked according to ACT composite scores, GPA on select high school or degree-required courses, NLN PAX-RN score and residency. Preferential consideration is given to in-district residents (Forrest, Hancock, Jeff Davis, Lamar, Marion and Pearl River counties) followed by out-of-district residents, then out-of-state residents. Acceptance is based on space availability.


An applicant seeking admission to the Department of Nursing Education must meet physical and psychological requirements essential to providing nursing care:

  • Stand for prolonged periods, up to eighty percent of clinical time
  • Walk, bend, stoop, kneel, squat, push, pull, lift and reach overhead
  • Possess sufficient gross and fine motor coordination to perform nursing procedures
  • See, talk, and hear with sufficient acuity to perform patient care
  • Tolerate exposure to disinfectants, soap, cleansers, plastic and other materials used in protective equipment and for performing procedures
  • Process information accurately and make appropriate decisions
  • Demonstrate appropriate and respectful interpersonal/communication skills

In addition, applicants must be able to demonstrate rational and appropriate behavior under stressful conditions. The clinical nursing experience may place an individual under considerable mental and emotional stress as he or she undertakes responsibilities and duties impacting patients’ lives. Finally, an individual should give careful consideration to the psychological and physical demands of the program prior to making application.


SEND TO PRCC ADMISSIONS OFFICE (before the ADN application deadline)

    If not a current PRCC student, complete a PRCC application and mail to address on form, or go online to PRCC’s website at
    Note: The Department of Nursing Education will verify your eligibility as a PRCC student.
    An official high school transcript from an accredited high school with computed GPA or GED test score must be on file in the PRCC Admissions Office.
    Official transcripts from all colleges previously attended must be on file in the PRCC Admissions Office. Any college degree(s) must be noted on the transcript(s).
    • A required ACT score must be on file at the PRCC Admissions Office.
    • An Enhanced ACT score of 18 is the minimum score used in the selection process.
    • If the ACT is below 18, the applicant must have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours, including Anatomy & Physiology with a 2.5 grade point average before being admitted. They must have made at least a grade of "C" in Anatomy and Physiology courses (Mississippi IHL - Admission Standard).
    • The highest composite ACT score on file with the PRCC Admissions Office will be used for the selection process.
    • An applicant who has previously earned a baccalaureate or higher degree may enter without an ACT by completing all the required ADN general education courses with grades of “C” or better and having an overall 2.5 grade point average (Mississippi IHL - Admission Standard).
    • If the ACT has not been taken, information regarding test dates can be obtained from the Counseling Advisement and Placement Center (601) 403-1250 located in Crosby Hall, Poplarville Campus.
    • SAT conversion scores cannot be used.
    • Applicants entering the nursing program must have completed, be enrolled in, or be eligible to take College Algebra and Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab determined by the ACT sub-score(s) and PRCC requirements.


    • Complete the online ADN application located at
      NOTE: This form may not be copied or faxed.
    • Attach a small current picture to the upper right-hand corner of the application. The picture may be a copy of a School ID, Work ID, or Driver’s License.
    • An LPN applying for the fall or spring ADN program must provide a copy of a current non-restricted license and a completed LPN Employer Verification Form located at
    • Complete the online Criminal Background Check questionnaire located at
    • All application requirements must be on file on or before the deadline date.
    • Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
    • Reapplication is required each semester if not selected.
    • To register for the NLN PAX-RN exam, follow instructions listed in the NLN Pre-Admission Exam-RN (PAX-RN) section of this packet.
    • This test may be retaken once every 6 months (fall or spring). Test dates are listed at
    • Applicant must submit a copy of the NLN PAX-RN test score to the Department of Nursing Education, Admissions Office by the ADN application deadline.
    • Applicants will not be considered without an NLN PAX-RN test score on file.
    The LPN Employer Verification Form must be completed by LPNs applying for the ADN program. Other applicants are not required to provide this information.
    A copy of all college transcripts must be on file in the Department of Nursing Education, Admissions Office by the ADN application deadline. Any college degree(s) must be noted on the transcript(s).
    NOTE: Official transcript(s) must be filed in the PRCC Admissions Office before application deadline.
    • An applicant that has attended another nursing program must provide a letter from the dean or director of any ADN or BSN program attended stating eligibility status. The letter must be sent to the address on the front of this packet, Attention: Director, Department of Nursing Education.
    • An applicant that is not eligible for immediate return must wait 5 years from the exit date to apply as a new student to the PRCC ADN program.
    • The application deadlines for transferring applicants are February 1st for fall semesters and September 1st for spring semesters.
    • Transferring applicants must meet all PRCC admission and ADN program requirements.
    • The applicant must submit a syllabus for each completed nursing course (including course description, course objectives, credit hours, and daily objectives) for review to the Department of Nursing Education, Admissions Office by the deadline.
    • Upon review of completed syllabi, the applicant may be required to take additional nursing course work in order to meet PRCC and ADN program/graduation requirements. Each applicant’s request of transfer will be reviewed on an individual basis.
    • In order to receive the PRCC Associate in Applied Science degree, a minimum of twenty-five (25%) of the required ADN curriculum hours must be completed at PRCC.
    • Applicants will be admitted on space availability; if admitted into the program, the student will be expected to meet and maintain all ADN program requirements.


    • The GPA is computed on only the completed required ADN general education courses. Developmental courses will not be included in the GPA.
    • ADN general education course grades submitted through the end of the college spring and/or summer semesters will be used to compute the GPA for the upcoming Spring admission and grades submitted at the end of the fall semester will be used to compute the GPA for the upcoming Fall admission.
    • All college general education courses required by the ADN program must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.
    • An applicant does not have to complete all the required ADN college general education courses before applying. To better prepare the applicant for the ADN program, it is recommended that College Algebra, General Psychology, and Anatomy & Physiology I & II with Labs be completed prior to selection.
    • An applicant, who has attended another nursing program, will also have their nursing course grades included in the GPA.
    • Completion of the required ADN college general education courses does not in itself guarantee admission into the ADN program.
    • Allied Health Anatomy & Physiology I and II with Labs cannot be used for the ADN program.
    • High School applicants should check with their counselors concerning college courses that can be taken during the high school year.
    • Questions regarding prerequisites for general education courses should be directed to the Counseling Advisement and Placement Center office at (601) 403-1250.


      Semester Hours

      MAT 1313 College Algebra 3
      PSY 1513 General Psychology 3
      BIO 2513 Anatomy & Physiology I (completed within the last 5 years) 3
      BIO 2511 Anatomy & Physiology I Lab (completed within the last 5 years) 1
      BIO 2523 Anatomy & Physiology II (completed within the last 5 years) 3
      BIO 2521 Anatomy & Physiology II Lab (completed within the last 5 years) 1
      EPY 2533 Human Growth & Development (completed within the last 10 years) 3
      ENG 1113 English Composition I 3
      BIO 2923 Microbiology (completed within the last 5 years) 3
      BIO 2921 Microbiology Lab (completed within the last 5 years) 1
      SPT 1113 Public Speaking I 3
      SOC 2113 Introduction to Sociology (completed within the last 10 years) 3
    • A currently working LPN who submits an LPN Employer Verification Form and a copy of a current non-restricted license will have no time restrictions on ADN general education courses.



    • Letters of acceptance and/or declination will be mailed to all applicants by the end of November for spring and by the end of April for fall program entry.
    • Further instructions will be included with the letter of acceptance.
    • If not accepted, a new application must be completed and filed with the Department of Nursing Education, Admissions Office by the appropriate deadline to be considered for the next semester.



    • Pearl River Community College reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant having been convicted of a felony.
    • An applicant must complete and submit the online Criminal Background Check questionnaire located at
    • Upon acceptance into the ADN program, a criminal background check (CBC) will be required. Admission is offered pending a clear CBC. If unable to obtain clearance from both the Mississippi Department of Health and Louisiana State Board of Nursing, the student will be dismissed from the program.
    • Clearances from Police Departments, from other states, or other entities are not accepted.
    • Further information will be provided at the ADN new student orientation session.

    A current PRCC catalog may be obtained from the Counseling Advisement and Placement Centers: Poplarville Campus at (601) 403-1250, Forrest County Center at (601) 554-5500, or Hancock County Center at (228) 467-2761, the PRCC Guidance and Recruitment Office at (601) 403-1197, or go to to view the latest catalog.


    Any student interested in nursing is encouraged to be advised by a nursing program advisor during open registration times.

    Current applicants should call or visit the Department of Nursing Education, Admissions Office at early registration times to discuss classes before registering.

    New students on campus may request an ADN advisor by calling (601) 403-1017 or visit the Department of Nursing Education, Admissions Office on the Poplarville Campus.


    Pearl River Community College offers equal education and employment opportunities. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, or disability.

    • Any person needing to request accommodations, special assistance, or alternate format publications are asked to contact Tonia Moody: ADA/Civil Rights Coordinator, (601) 403-1060, or

    Clinical sites are located within a seventy (70) mile radius of PRCC’s Poplarville Campus. These sites allow students a wide range of clinical experiences to meet course and program objectives.