National League for Nursing (NLN) Pre-Admission Exam-RN (PAX-RN)

National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Service
61 Broadway, New York, New York 10006

NLN PAX-RN Test Dates

NLN PAX-RN Exam Test Dates for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 application deadlines TBA.

Students applying for the Associate Degree Nursing program are required to take the Pre-Admissions Exam (NLN PAX-RN) as part of the application process. Students achieving a composite score of 110 or higher and 50% percentile in each subtest area will be given preference when evaluating applicants for admission.

The NLN PAX-RN exam is offered on the Pearl River Community College Poplarville campus. Students need to take the exam early to allow time for remediation and to retest if necessary. Applicants are allowed to retake the exam as many times as there are versions of the test, but are required to wait 6 months between test dates. Students will need to take the exam prior to the application deadline date.

NOTE: Records show that applicants who have completed College Algebra and some of the required science courses before attempting to take the NLN PAX-RN Exam score higher on the test.

You must register for the exam at least two weeks prior to the scheduled test date.


To register for the NLN PAX exam follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click on “Register Now”.
  2. Enter a log in ID and password and click “next step”.
  3. Enter contact information and click “next step”.
    Note: There are additional pages of required information.
  4. Click “Finish and Create Account” once you have entered all required information.
  5. Choose “Registered Nurse (RN Program)” after your page is redirected to the Registration Store and prompted to choose an exam. Register by location, the State in which you are taking the exam and the Institution.
  6. Select the date you have chosen from the “Test date options”, and click on date desired.
  7. Pay for exam. You will be prompted to pay for the exam.

TEST LOCATION: If you registered to take the test at PRCC on the Poplarville Campus, the test will be given in the Nursing Building’s Computer Lab. For your comfort, you may want to wear layered clothing or bring a jacket due to temperature variances in the computer lab.

TEST TIME: You are required to be at the test site 30 minutes early to check-in.  The test session lasts approximately 3 - 4 hours.


  • Conformation of registration from NLN website
  • Picture ID (driver’s license, passport, or student ID)

There will be no admittance into the examination site once the testing period has begun.  Please note the test starting time on your confirmation sheet.  The examiner has the authority to terminate the exam for any individual who does not adhere to the following rules:

  • Calculators cannot be used. No electronic equipment of any kind (cell phones, pages, etc.) will be allowed in the computer lab.
  • Giving, receiving, or exchanging information while the examination is in progress is not permitted under any circumstance.
  • Examinees are not permitted to refer to materials of any kind during the examination.
  • The examiner has the authority to terminate the exam for any individual who does not adhere to the above rules.
  • For your comfort, you may want to wear layered clothing or bring a jacket due to temperature variance in the computer lab.


“The Review Guide for RN Pre-Entrance Exam” written by the National League for Nursing is for sale in the PRCC Bookstore, or you can order directly from Jones and Bartlett Publishers by calling 1-800-832-0034, or go on-line to

TEST RESULTS: NLN will send results directly to you and to the school you have requested by entering the school code on the application form.  Test scores are kept on file for three years following the examination date.

FOR SCORE INFORMATION: The Department of Nursing Education, Admissions Office has scores on file, if taken at PRCC for three (3) years.  If you have taken the NLN PAX-RN exam at another testing site, the score must be obtained from the NLN office in New York. An official copy of your scores must be sent to the Director, Department of Nursing Education.  To obtain NLN scores from the National League for Nursing, you can go online at or call NLN Pre-Admission Test Service at 1(800) 669-1656.

TEST SITES: For a list of testing sites in your area, visit or Jones & Bartlett Publishers has a publication titled “State Approved Schools of Nursing” that will provide you with a listing of nursing schools. You can get this publication on line at or call 1-800-832-0034. You may also contact the nursing schools in your area. If you take the test at another location, use school code 344543 to have the score sent to the PRCC Department of Nursing Education.