Pearl River Community College

Estimated Fees

Fees that Apply for Each Semester

Tuition –In State 15 hours or more 1625.00
Tuition –Less than 15 hours 140.00 per hour
Tuition –Out of state Plus $1,625.00 –15 hours or more 1199.00
Tuition -Out of state Plus $140 per hour –less than 15 hours 100.00 per hour
Program Fee 500.00
Registration Fee 40.00
Technology Fee 40.00

Additional Fees

First Year - First Semester
Year Disk 5.00
Parking Permit 20.00
Scrubs (2 sets) 90.00
Lab Coats (2) 50.00
Leather Clinic Shoes (1 pr.) 60.00
Instruments (2 sets) 700.00
XCP film holder                  200.00
Snap-A-Ray DS 40.00
Snap-A-Ray (film) 20.00
Hepatitis vaccination and post screening, TB Mantou Test 200.00
BLS, CPR, and AED training 50.00
Books 900.00
ADHA (2 year student membership) 150.00
Liability Insurance (yearly) 15.00
BP kit, Stethoscope, Misc. Fees 200.00
Second Semester
Books 200.00
Oraqix Dispenser, Whitening Kit, Misc. Fees 200.00
Second Year
Parking Permit     20.00
Year Disk 5.00
Books 500.00
Graduation 40.00
National Board DH Exam Fee 380.00
Board Review 450.00
ADHEX Exam MS 1200.00
Jurisprudence Exam MS 65.00
Liability Insurance (yearly) 15.00
Replacement Instruments, Misc. Fees 300.00

Any depleted, lost, or broken equipment, instruments, supplies or uniforms will have to be replaced by the student. It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of their instruments. Additional tuition, etc… may be incurred by the student if the student attends summer school to complete core curriculum classes.  Each student has the opportunity to participate in fundraising events sponsored by ADHA Student Component.