Crosby Hall

Coding Technology

Program Information

Location(s) of Program: Forrest County Campus & Hancock Campus (Hyflex)

Brief Description of Program: The Coding Technology curriculum is a program of study designed to train students to be software developers. Students will work with real-world technologies to learn the fundamentals of coding, app development, web applications, and the life leadership skills needed to be successful in their careers and competitive in the job market. The Coding Technology curriculum is aligned to a skillset that enables students to learn and enhance skills as they relate to HTML and CSS, Database Fundamentals, Python, and JavaScript.

Certifications and degrees: Students enrolled in the Coding Technology program will have the opportunity to earn a(n)

  • 30-hour Career Certificate
  • 45-hour Technical Certificate
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree (60 hours)

Instructor Contact Information for the Program:

Possible Careers in this Program: Upon successful completion of the program, students should be prepared for careers as Computer Programmers, Web Developers, Full-Stack Developers, Application Developers, and Database Administrators.

Possible earnings of jobs in these career field: Coding Technology students can expect and annual median income of $54,000 to $88,000.