Crosby Hall

Developmental Courses

Placement in a developmental course in mathematics is determined by the mathematics subtest score of the ACT and by a students' COMPASS test scores. The purpose of these courses is to provide the student with the mathematical skills needed to succeed at the college level. Pearl River has instituted specific procedures for academic students in developmental courses.

Developmental Course Procedures

  1. Effective Fall 2011 developmental courses will no longer apply toward any associate degree.
  2. Class meetings: Developmental courses meet three lecture hours per week. (3 credit hours per course)
  3. Grading: Beginning in Fall 1993, students enrolled in developmental courses must earn a grade of "C" or higher in order to enroll in the next higher level course. Students not earning a grade of "C" or higher must repeat the course the following regular semester.
  4. Students whose ACT subscores indicate their need to enroll in one or more developmental courses must schedule these courses immediately. This requirement may not be delayed until a further semester without the approval of the Vice President for General Education and Technology Services.

Mathematics Courses

MAT 1234 - Intermediate Algebra

Linear equations, algebraic factoring, rational expressions, exponents, radicals, and quadratic equations. Two lecture hours per week and two hours in the Math Lab. Upon successful completion ("C" or better) of this course, students are eligible to enroll in College Algebra.