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Mathematics Placement

New students' placement in mathematics is determined by their mathematics subtest score on the ACT and achievement in high school mathematics courses. This placement policy was developed to provide students with the mathematical skills necessary to succeed on the college level. This policy is not a suggestion, but is the required policy of Pearl River Community College and will be enforced as such.

ACT Score Courses Available³
25 or above² any course offered
21-24² Precalculus
19-20² College Algebra (MAT 1313), Trigonometry, Business Calculus
17-18¹ College Algebra (MAT 1314)
1-16¹ Intermediate Algebra

¹ and grade of "C" or better in one year of high school algebra
² and grade of "C" or better in two years of high school algebra
³ students must still meet the course prerequisites for the available courses.

Which math course do I need?

All students should refer to the general guidelines for graduation to ensure they meet the mathematics requirements.

Students in developmental courses (Intermediate Algebra) should refer to the school policy on developmental courses.

Students planning to major in mathematics, science or engineering should refer to the requirements for their major to determine which mathematics courses are required. Particular attention should be paid to all course prerequisites.