Developmental Course Placement

The following examinations determine developmental course placement: American College Test (ACT); Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)

ACT (ENGLISH) Below 16 Below 13 ENG 0123 Intermediate English
16 or above 13 or above ENG 1113 English Composition I
16 or above*** 13 or above*** SPT 1113 Public Speaking
Below 16 Below 13 SPT 0113 Basic Speaking
ACT (MATH) 1-13 1-6 MAT 0113 Fundamentals of Mathematics
1-13 1-6 VOM 1103 Related Studies Mathematics
14-15 7-9 MAT 0123 Beginning Algebra
16-17 and* 10-12 and* MAT 1233 Intermediate Algebra
18 or above and ** 13 or above and ** MAT 1313 College Algebra
25 or above N/A MAT 1613 Calculus I
TABE (MATH) Academic: 12.0 or higher N/A MAT 0113 Beginning Algebra
Technical if math required: 12.0 or higher N/A MAT 0113 Beginning Algebra
Career: Below 9.0 N/A Related Studies Math
ACT (READING) 1-15 Academic REA 0123 Reading
1-15 Career Tech VOR 1203 Related Studies Reading
16 or above*** SPT 1113 Public Speaking
TABE (Reading) Career: Below 10.0 VOR 1103 Related Studies Reading
Technical: Below 11.9 VOR 1103 Related Studies Reading
Academic & Technical: 12.0 or Above NO DEVELOPMENTAL READING REQUIRED

* grade of “C” or higher in one year of high school algebra

**grade of “C” or higher in two years of high school algebra

***Prerequisite: A score of 16 on both the Reading and English portions of the Enhanced ACT or REA 0123 and ENG 0123 with a grade of “C” or better.


  1. Essential Skills LLS 0113 is mandatory for students enrolled in REA 0123, ENG 0123 (developmental courses), and any developmental math course.
  2. Students must meet both the ACT math subtest requirement and the high school algebra requirement before enrolling in Intermediate or College Algebra.
  3. If a student has taken the ACT more than once, the highest subtest scores may be used in class placement.