Developmental Course Placement

The following examinations determine developmental course placement: American College Test (ACT); Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)

ACT (ENGLISH) Below 17 Below 14 ENG 0125 Intermediate English & Reading
17 or above 14 or above ENG 1113 English Composition I
17 or above*** 14 or above*** SPT 1113 Public Speaking
ACT (MATH) Career: 13 or below 1-7 VOM 1103 Related Studies Mathematics
Academic AA Degree or Technical AAS Degree: 15 or below 8-10 MAT 0123 Beginning Algebra
16-18 11-13 and* MAT 1233 Intermediate Algebra
19 or above and ** 14 or above and ** MAT 1313 College Algebra
21-24 or C in MAT 1313 MAT 1343 Pre-Calculus I
25 or above or C in MAT 1343 MAT 1613 Calculus I
TABE (MATH) Technical AAS Degree: if MAT 1313 is required, or Technical Certificate: 12.0 or above MAT 0113 Beginning Algebra
Career: Below 9.0 VOM 1103 Related Studies Math
TABE (Reading) Career: Below 10.0 VOR 1103 Related Studies Reading
Technical Certificate: Below 12 VOR 1103 Related Studies Reading
ACT(SCIENCE) 21 or above and 3 high school sciences including biology and chemistry with grades C or higher May enroll in BIO 2513 & 2511, A & P I and lab

Prospective students must have earned passing scores on the GED or possess a standard high school diploma to enroll at PRCC. Short term non-credit workforce courses are offered for those who possess neither a standard high school diploma nor a GED. For more information phone: 601-403-1241.

* grade of “C” or higher in one year of high school algebra

**grade of “C” or higher in two years of high school algebra

***Prerequisite: A score of 17 English subtest of the Enhanced ACT or ENG 0125 with a grade of “C” or higher.


  • Students whose ACT or COMPASS scores require enrollment in developmental courses are placed in a prescribed curriculum.
    LLS 1313 Orientation and LLS 1423 College Study Skills are mandatory for students enrolled in ENG 0125 and MAT 0123 or MAT 1233. See prescribed placement charts.
  • Students must meet both the ACT math subtest requirement and the high school algebra requirement before enrolling in Intermediate or College Algebra.
  • If a student has taken the ACT more than once, the highest subtest scores may be used in class placement.
  • A course load of 15 semester hours or more is essential for graduating in four semesters; less than 15 hours increases the number of semesters of enrollment and reduces the allowed semesters for receiving financial aid.