Dual Enrollment

Choose Dual Enrollment and get a jump start on college. 
Dual enrollment is a great idea for eligible high school students who want to earn college credit while attending high school.Students at participating schools can earn Pearl River Community College credit for classes, and upon graduation, enroll full time to complete a degree/certification at  PRCC or transfer those credits to a four-year university. PRCC’s Dual Enrollment Program enables qualified public, private and home education students an opportunity to participate in an academic acceleration program.Dual Enrollment allows students to pursue an advanced curriculum that earns the student both high school and college credit simultaneously.
What is Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit? 
A dual enrolled student is a high school junior or senior who is also enrolled at PRCC, taking college classes online, on a PRCC campus, or on the high school campus. Classes taken as dual credit count towards both the college and high school diploma requirements. 
Who can take Dual Enrollment classes? 

A high school student is eligible for dual enrollment at Pearl River Community College if the student has 

1. Completed 14 Core High School Units  (If student has a 30+ ACT composite, this is waived.)

2. Has a 3.0 or higher GPA in High School 

3. ACT Scores (Courses that have college prerequisites must be met.)

4. High School Recommendation from high school counselor/principal

Why take Dual Enrollment classes? 

Dual Enrollment...

Provides students with a wider range of courses thereby enhancing their education 

Facilitates a seamless transition from high school to college

Allows students to accumulate college credits prior to entering college

Can lower the cost of post-secondary education

Gives students access to student resources at PRCC 

Delivery Options and Locations of Dual Enrollment Classes
Students can take Dual Enrollment classes at a PRCC campus, online through PRCC’s eLearning Department, or at certain high school campuses. 


Research shows students who take dual enrollment classes are more likely to complete a college degree! 
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