Dual Enrollment - Steps to Becomming a Dually Enrolled Student

WHO - Dual Enrollment is for students taking the College level class at the local high school within Pearl River Community College’s six-county district, online through PRCC's eLearning, or at one of the PRCC campus locations.

WHERE / WHEN - The time and day of the class depends on the type of class.  Classes at the local high schools are taught during the day as part of the student's regular school day and by a high school instructor who has been approved by the College administration.  Online classes follow the format of all courses offered through eLearning, and on campus classes could potentially be during the day, at night, or on weekends.

COST - Students pay a fee of $100 for the Dual Enrollment course. This includes all fees associated with the course as well as the cost of the ebook.

HOW - To take a Dual Enrollment class at a local high school, students should contact their local high school principal or counselor to make inquiries about possible opportunities. Online and on campus classes opportunities are available by contacting Ms. Cindy Wells at 601-403-1374 or

In order to host Dual Enrollment courses, the high school must complete the following:

  1. Dual Enrollment Request - HIgh schools may fax (601-403-1009) or email ( the request. Allow one week from the time the request is submitted for the class(es) to be approved.
  2. If the proposed instructor is a new instructor, then submit the items listed on the Dual Enrollment Request and submit the information for the proposed instructor. The approval process for an instructor can vary depending on the how quickly all components of the application packet are received. Obtaining a qualified instructor according to the College's standards is often the most difficult part of this process. Please begin making requests as early as possible.
  3. Sign the Dual Agreement Articulation Agreement.
  4. Submit the student information by the specified date PRIOR TO THE BEGINNING of a semester.
  5. Communicate with the Office for General Education and Technology services if a student is dropped from or withdraws from the Dual Enrollment course(s) by emailing

The following must be submitted to PRCC for each student by the designated high school Dual Enrollment coordinator. Place the Recommendation Form at the beginning of the packet of student information followed by the complete information for each student

  • Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form - List an entire class on this one form and place this form at the beginning of the student information that submitted.
  • Completed PRCC Application **
  • Copy of official high school transcript **
  • Student/Parent Agreement **
  • $100 check payable to PRCC

** If the student is taking more than one Dual Enrollment course, the PRCC Application, the official high school transcript, and the Student/Parent Agreement do not need to be duplicated. On the Recommendation Form, note that the student is enrolled in more than one class and his/her information is included in another class.


The majority of Pearl River Community College classes use ebooks.  To obtain textbook for a Dual Enrollment course, contact Cindy Wells by email ( or phone (601-403-1374).

Please direct any inquires to the Office for General Education and Technology Services

Pearl River Community College
General Education and Technology Services
101 Hwy 11 N
PO Box 5419
Poplarville, Mississippi 39470

Martha Lou Byrd Smith (