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August 2021

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PRCC graduate Dustin Chambliss brings experience to position as electronics teacher

PRCC graduate Dustin Chambliss brings experience to position as electronics teacher

Dustin Chambliss PRCC Electronics Engineering Technology instructor

As a Pearl River Community College graduate a decade ago, Dustin Chambliss feels his work experience will prove valuable to PRCC students when he begins work next semester.

Chambliss, 40, will be a new Electronics Engineering Technology instructor at the Forrest County Campus when classes begin Aug. 16.

“I graduated from PRCC from the same program I am now going to be teaching,” said Chambliss. “That degree granted me the ability to travel the world as a technician and, if only in faculty instead of name, as an engineer.

“I have designed multiple systems still used in the Gulf of Mexico as well as India and Brazil and am still on retainer as the expert on said systems.”

Chambliss, who graduated from Seminary High School, has spent much of his work time as a self-employed contractor. He plans to use his many contacts into his program at PRCC.

“After graduation from PRCC, I took a job with Oceaneering International as a technician,” he said. “Oceaneering and my project supervisor in particular saw a potential for me to go beyond what I was originally hired as and allowed me a lot of freedom to design and improve existing systems.

“I was a codesigner on projects such as the first 4K camera system, the first 3D camera system as well as a complete redesign for the next generation of remotely operated submarines for the company. All of which are still in use. With the changing market, I was forced to seek extra work as a contractor later in my employment. I did multiple projects with Fuegro Chance, Shell, and Chevron involving subsea mapping and pipeline radiography.”

Chambliss’s work experiences are what impressed PRCC into hiring him.

“Dustin not only understands the theory of electronics but also brings years of experience ranging from underwater remote-operated vehicles for oil and gas, industrial maintenance, and professional sound and lighting design,” said Dr. James Collum, PRCC Dean for Career and Technical Education at the Forrest County Center.

“We are very fortunate to have him as part of our Wildcat family.” 

After leaving the offshore industry, Chambliss took jobs both directly employed and subcontracted to multiple factories. He spent a portion of his industrial career working in industrial robotics and automation.

“While the majority of my time was spent in machining and manufacturing, a good portion of my sub-contracting work was done with poultry processing facilities in both the electrical as well as pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical aspects of their processes,” said Chambliss.

He has also spent a large portion of his life as an audio/acoustical engineer.

“My father started me in music at a very young age and by the time I was 13, he had me playing with multiple groups,” said Chambliss. “I have toured as a guitarist, a bassist, and a saxophonist with multiple groups over multiple areas of the United States.

“As I got older I found myself drawn less towards the performance aspect and more toward the technology and the background side of shows. This led me to a career in operation and design of audio systems all around the country.”

Chambliss resides in Hattiesburg with his wife Terany and one-year-old daughter, Vaeda Maeve.

For information about the Electronics Engineering Technology program, call 601-554-5505, email or visit the Forrest County Campus on U.S. 49 South.

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August 4, 2021 - 1:55pm
PRCC’s New Computer Coding Technology program set to launch with familiar instructor

PRCC’s New Computer Coding Technology program set to launch with familiar instructor

Dr. Silvia Preston Computer Coding Technology instructor

When Pearl River Community College launches a new Computer Coding Technology program this fall at the school’s Forrest County Campus, the instructor will be someone familiar with the skills required of the class.

Dr. Silvia Preston currently teaches computer science courses at PRCC in both face-to-face and online settings. Those courses include computer applications, computer concepts, C++ programming, and Java programming. 

As the instructor of the new Coding Technology program, Dr. Preston will add Java, SQL, and Python coding languages in addition to the computer science courses.

“Students do not need prior experience in programming, but must like working with computers and be willing to grow as a critical thinker and a problem solver,” said Dr. Preston.

Classes begin Monday, Aug. 16. They will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, except for the computer applications course which will meet on Tuesday and Thursday or online.

Students can earn a 30-hour certificate, 45-hour technical degree, and 60-hour associate of applied science degree options.

According to data from the State Workforce Investment Board, the software developers (applications and software) occupations are projected to grow at 26 percent statewide. 

Entry level pay starts at $45,000 and the median annual income for this occupation is $80,629 at a state level.

“The field is growing quickly,” said Preston. “The need for software and application developer occupations are growing in the state of Mississippi and all over the country.”

Preston received her Ph. D. in computational science from the University of Southern Mississippi. She is originally from Brazil and has been living in the U.S. since 1998.

Prior to starting her teaching career at PRCC in 2012, Preston was a software developer for 10 years at iTech at USM. During her time as a software developer, she wrote applications using different coding languages, such as PHP, Java, SQL, C++, and HTML.

“Dr. Preston is a seasoned teacher with an abundance of experience in a variety of coding languages,” said Dr. Jana Causey, Vice President for the Forrest County Center, Allied Health and Nursing programs.

“She has taught computer courses for years at PRCC, but jumped on the opportunity to start this program and begin a new venture. Her attitude is student oriented and she has a true desire to help people succeed. 

“We are grateful for her abilities and passion for student success.”

For information about the Computer Coding Technology program, call 601-554-5505, email or visit the Forrest County Campus on U.S. 49 South.

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August 6, 2021 - 8:25am
Pearl River holds new employee orientation

Pearl River holds new employee orientation

Attendees for new employee orientation on August 4, 2021

Pearl River Community College has welcomed several new employees in preparation for the 2021-2022 academic year.  New faculty and professional staff members participated in New Employee Orientation on August 4, 2021. 

Dr. Adam Breerwood, President of Pearl River Community College, welcomed new employees to the Wildcat Family, and issued a challenge to undertake the pursuit of “Changing lives!”   

Participants were reminded to consider not only the academic needs, but the social, emotional, and moral needs of students as well. 

Various Cabinet members and administrators offered introductions and overviews for departments throughout the institution.

All participants were invited to a luncheon in the West Dining Room where additional insight into various institutional resources and policies was shared.  The orientation concluded with personalized training for the learning management system.

Row 1: (Back Row) Rashan Foxworth, Christalah Lyons, Jeremy Norris, Phillip Duke, Brian Ladnier, Corey Guerra, Dylan Dunaway

Row 2: Colby Davis, AKendal Woodard, Monique Fairley, Laura O’Neill, Dustin Chambliss, Tyler Surber

Row 3: Shannon Busby, Jessica Dobson, Monika Phillips, Brittny Radosta

Row 4: (Front Row) Melissa Patterson, Leslie Haney, Rachel Wallace, Marla Breland, Tonya Harbison, Courtney Henry, Debra Burge, Kimberly Carver


August 9, 2021 - 12:43pm
Pearl River launching ‘Happy to Help’ customer service campaign

Pearl River launching ‘Happy to Help’ customer service campaign

PRCC frontline staff members from Admissions, Business Office, Financial Aid, Marketing & Communications, and Recruitment.

Pearl River Community College has continually strived to put its students first. They are taking that student-centric philosophy to the next level with the launch of the new “Happy to Help” customer service campaign. 

This campaign focuses on putting customers first, embracing challenges in customer service and removing roadblocks that impede the student's experience. 

“PRCC wants to become the Chick-fil-A of the college market, creating a new campaign that challenges all employees to embrace the motto ‘happy to help,’” said new Vice President of Enrollment Management and Business Services Candace Harper. 

Admissions, financial aid and the business office have all set goals to create a more versatile customer service experience for the students. This will include a new, easy to navigate financial aid self-portal, friendly payment plan options for students, and accelerated admissions application rates. 

The “Happy to Help” campaign encourages all employees to provide helpful support to students any way they can. This includes a resource to help them quickly find answers to common questions or who to direct a student to for further assistance. 

The push to focus more on the customer experience began when PRCC launched Live Chat in Spring 2020 on to provide answers during a time when everyone was sheltering in place. This avenue of support has been maintained and is becoming a regular part of how the school can support current, future and past PRCC students. 

The newly reimagined Communications and Customer Service Coordinator position, currently filled by Laura O’Neill, is another part of the implementation plan. This position will help with meeting PRCC’s marketing needs along with the design and oversight of the online chat component of the website. 

“I view marketing as the way to pique interest and get someone to the door,” said O’Neill. “What happens next is tied with the customer service experience. In the end, people remember how you made them feel more than anything else.” 

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August 10, 2021 - 2:20pm
RedShelf Names PRCC Wildcat Den Bookstore a 2021 Digital Champion

RedShelf Names PRCC Wildcat Den Bookstore a 2021 Digital Champion

Inside Wildcat Den with tshirts and other gear on display

Program Awards Outstanding Campus Efforts in the Expansion of Digital Content Delivery

RedShelf has announced that the Pearl River Community College Wildcat Den Bookstore has been recognized as a 2021 Digital Champion—an award celebrating exceptional leadership and performance in digital course materials delivery. Further, the recognition celebrates campus-wide efforts in driving student affordability and access while improving institutional efficiency and sustainability.

Today, RedShelf software (Content Delivery System & eReader) serves more than 10,000 publishers and more than 1,500 educational partners, including PRCC, reaching millions of student and professional learners worldwide. 42 of those partners were named to this list for 2021, placing PRCC amongst the nation’s top performers.

RedShelf 2020 - 2021 Digital Champion logo

“As a leader in the industry, we see the digital transformation happening all around us.  But as with any type of change, people move at different speeds—schools, faculty, and students are no exceptions.  The RedShelf Digital Champions program showcases those who stood out in the crowd—those making big leaps in affordability, access, and efficiency. Congratulations to everyone at Pearl River Community College as this is truly an acknowledgement of your hard work in making an impact on students.” said Greg Fenton, CEO and co-founder of RedShelf. 

“This is a huge accomplishment for the bookstore —but more importantly a win for PRCC students. This award recognizes the hard work and dedication our faculty and bookstore put in as a campus to lead the way in saving students money and ensuring access to the materials they need to succeed in and out of the classroom” said PRCC Vice President, Candace Harper. “Our PRCC Faculty are very conscious about the cost of materials and have went above and beyond to ensure our students receive the best education while focusing on affordability and accessibility”. 

Textbooks, codes and required materials in the past have cost students over $1,000 or more across the country. PRCC took many steps to reduce the overall costs of physical textbooks knocking off half the expense when switching to the RedShelf platform. By implementing a digital platform which provides eBooks, homework modules and additional resources at a reduced cost, students receive day one access inside their course shell. 

Founded in 2012, RedShelf today provides millions of college students and corporate learners access to its award-winning digital instructional resources. In addition to digitizing and distributing content, the company offers software (known as its Content Delivery System) that enables campuses and businesses to acquire, manage, and deliver all their course materials—millions of titles—through a single process and platform.

About PRCC Wildcat Den

The Pearl River Community College Wildcat Den Bookstore has two campus locations, Poplarville and Forrest County. You may visit their website at to find information about the bookstore, course materials, and hours of operations.  

About RedShelf 

RedShelf is a Chicago-based EdTech company focused on helping schools, businesses, and publishers’ transition effortlessly from traditional print to more affordable, efficient, engaging digital textbooks, training materials, and learning content. Today, RedShelf’s software (Content Delivery System & eReader) serves more than 10,000 publishers and more than 1,500 business and educational partners, reaching millions of student and professional learners worldwide. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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August 12, 2021 - 11:04am
Pearl River CNA Graduation at Forrest County Campus

Pearl River CNA Graduation at Forrest County Campus

The following students graduated Friday (Aug. 13) from the Certified Nurse Aide course offered by Pearl River Community College at the Lowery Woodall Advanced Technology Center in Hattiesburg. 

First row - Whitney McKnight of Hattiesburg and Madison Patterson of Gulfport; second row - Kia Morris of Hattiesburg and Katrina King of Collins; third row - Jasmine Allen of Hattiesburg, Kristen Conner of Hattiesburg, and Mikia Taylor of Hattiesburg; top row - Jason Gaines, Jr. of Hattiesburg and Tahara Rankin of Hattiesburg. Not pictured is Kaice Lumpkins of Columbia. Program instructor is Adison King.

Enrollment is currently underway for a night CNA program beginning Aug. 24. For information, call 601-554-4646 ,visit the Woodall Advanced Technology Center or

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August 13, 2021 - 4:11pm
Pearl River advertises bids for Aviation and Aerospace Workforce Academy Hangar

Pearl River advertises bids for Aviation and Aerospace Workforce Academy Hangar

PRCC Aviation and Aerospace Workforce Academy Hangar Rendering

POPLARVILLE, Miss. – Pearl River Community College’s Aviation and Aerospace Workforce Academy Hangar is one step closer to coming to life as the construction for the state-of-the-art facility is going out to bid. The process opens Wednesday and will close at 10 a.m., Friday, Sept. 17, 2021. 

“We are grateful for the countless hours of work and support that we have received from several different governmental entities to get us to this point,” said Pearl River Community College President Dr. Adam Breerwood. “It has been a long but necessary process. I felt like it was Christmas morning when I opened the email providing us permission to begin advertisement for the construction bid process.” 

The Aviation and Aerospace Workforce Academy will be adjacent to Stennis International Airport, Hancock High School and the Stennis Space Center Buffer Zone. 

 Department of Economic Development Administration, Gulf Coast Restoration Funds, BP RESTORE Act grant award, as well as state and local investments are making the PRCC Aviation and Aerospace Workforce Academy and Hangar a reality. 

“This is a great day for Pearl River Community College, Hancock County and all of our surrounding business and industry partners,” Breerwood said. “Our local, state and federal leadership have focused on job creation and enhancing the skills of our local workforce. We have embraced that vision and believe this new campus will serve as an economic engine for generations to come. We are ready to go.”  

When completed, the approximately 18,000 square foot hangar will contain three classrooms with labs, an open hangar area with hands-on lab stations, outdoor covered area for equipment training, lobby with reception area, faculty and staff offices. 

Aviation and Aerospace Workforce Academy Hangar Rendering 2

Direct runway access will allow for study and testing of operational vehicles with attention given to state-of-the art composites and sheet metal materials. Aviation systems and power plant design, repair and maintenance can be studied, performed and tested in real time on operational equipment. In addition to the Stennis International Airport runways, the hangar will have direct access to service and fueling facilities.   

“We are excited to advance to this phase toward the construction of the new PRCC Hancock Campus,” said Dr. Jennifer Seal, Vice President for Hancock Campus. “The new hangar will provide a multifunctional educational space for training local students to meet current and future industry needs.” 

Airframe & Propulsion Technology, Unmanned Arial Systems and Precision Manufacturing programs will be housed at the hangar. Unmanned Arial Systems is currently offered at PRCC’s existing Hancock Campus; new hydrography classes were recently added. More pathways will be added once the facility opens. 

“As we move forward to provide a state-of-the art campus in Hancock County, we know the real work begins now,” said Director of Government & Community Relations Angie Kothmann. “This facility and our programs will be a game changer for not only Hancock County and the State of Mississippi, but the entire Gulf Coast region for many generations to come.” 

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August 16, 2021 - 12:45pm
Pearl River graduate completes Research Experiences for Undergraduates program

Pearl River graduate completes Research Experiences for Undergraduates program

Mia Missimer

For a student applying for a graduate or professional program, having research experience outside of regular coursework could make all the difference for acceptance. Recent Pearl River graduate Mia Missimer spent her summer at Florida Atlantic University’s Boca Raton campus gaining valuable research experience. 

The intensive, 10-week summer program is part of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experiences for Undergraduates program. Unlike many typical summer jobs, the participants are trained, mentored and given research opportunities that will prepare them for graduate studies or careers in engineering and science.  

Missimer was an active participant in the PRCC STEM Club. It was here that she heard about a fellow PRCC student with an internship opportunity in the sciences. That bit of information led her to consider what she could do one summer. 

The STEM Club seeks to inspire, engage, strengthen, and develop our student’s skills in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Advisors help students with networking as well as educate them on the importance of gaining hands-on experience outside of lab classes. 

Biology instructor Melinda Miller serves as an advisor for the STEM Club. She recommends students find outside research experiences so they can experience the entire process of going from an idea, to planning and carrying out the research, and then evaluating what is learned. 

“Being part of an undergraduate research program allows students to be mentored through the process,” said Miller. “Additionally, many graduate and professional schools have an internship section on the application.  

“Prior research experience is now the expectation, not the exception.” 

For FAU’s approach, the students are presented with science and engineering challenges related to the environmentally friendly creation of electricity from marine renewable energy resources. The research focuses on three technical challenges associated with harnessing this and other marine renewable energy resources: resource assessment, system design and operation, and environmental impacts. 

Missimer was on the team working with Dr. Jeanette Wyneken, whose research area focuses on how organisms interact with their environments.  

The team’s summer project involved studying the diving behavior of juvenile leatherback sea turtles. This included raising them in captivity and then testing diving capabilities in the open ocean after utilizing hyperbaric medicine to acclimate them to changing water pressure. 

“My part of the study entailed the biomechanics of shells,” said Missimer. “We cleaned and tested shells for strength. The goal is to determine whether the turtles would be safe if they collide with an underwater turbine.” 

These studies are important since leatherbacks are a protected species with potential interaction with ocean technologies in southern Florida. Learning more about their behaviors could help future ocean energy technology development to be more mechanically friendly.  

“I found this to be an extremely worthwhile opportunity,” said Missimer. “I had a fun time while learning more about turtle biology and the importance of considering the environment impact of renewable energy options. Now I look forward to beginning my studies in landscape architecture and construction at Mississippi State University.” 

FAU’s summer research program is just one of many opportunities offered around the country. PRCC students are encouraged to talk with their advisors about other paths to gain experience in their chosen field. REU sites funded by the NSF are grouped by discipline at

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August 23, 2021 - 1:49pm
Pearl River selects Delana Harris as foundation director

Pearl River selects Delana Harris as foundation director

Pearl River Community College is welcoming back one of its own, Delana Harris, as the new Executive Director of Development Foundation and Alumni Services. In her new role, Harris will be building relationships within the community, providing alumni services and raising funds for the institution. 

PRCC is looking forward to welcoming Harris as she fills the shoes of another Wildcat alum, Ernest Lovell, who held the position for fifteen years before retiring. 

“We are thrilled to bring Delana back home, said Dr. Adam Breerwood, Pearl River Community College President. “Her energy, innovation and experience will have an immediate impact on our college. She is a forward thinker with a tremendous passion for Pearl River. We have been blessed with outstanding leadership in our Foundation for many years and I have the utmost confidence in Delana’s ability to continue that trend.   

Harris plans to nurture and grow alumni chapters and participation. This push will include finding ways to best meet people where they are instead of waiting for them to come to the chapter. 

Another central point for her plans is to create unique experiences that develop an inclusive culture the alumni and community members want to be a part of. 

“My personal definition of alumni is family,” said Harris. “I am excited to come home and work with our ‘family’ through the Foundation and Alumni Association. Ask any former Wildcat about their days at PRCC and many will say that it was the best two years of their life. I am excited to use my recruiting and marketing experience to connect our past, present and future Wildcats.”    

Harris is a graduate of the Business Marketing program at PRCC. She was an active member of the student body, including membership in DECA and the String of Pearls dance team. 

After PRCC, Harris attended University of Southern Mississippi and then William Carey University, earning both her bachelor’s and master's degrees. She then returned to PRCC as an instructor in the Business Marketing program before moving into the role of Director of Recruitment. Her four years in that role added marketing responsibilities and a drive to see PRCC be at the top of the state for both enrollment and recruitment. She met this goal when the college was designated as the “fastest growing college in the state.” 

Harris left PRCC for a few years to serve as Dean of Enrollment and Registrar for Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. In that role, she oversaw admissions, enrollment services, recruitment, enrollment data and communication and registrar functions at the district level for the college.  

 Cooper (son, age 11) Jared Harris (PRCC Alumnus), Delana Harris, and Grant (son, age 8)

Cooper (son, age 11) Jared Harris (PRCC Alumnus), Delana Harris, and Grant (son, age 8) 

“PRCC is a special place. It was special almost 20 years ago when a scared, first-generation college student was just embarking on her educational journey and it remains a place that I have the privilege of calling home,” Harris said. 

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August 24, 2021 - 2:48pm
Pearl River welcomes new River Navigators to campus

Pearl River welcomes new River Navigators to campus

2021 PRCC River Navigators at Summer Training Session
Jaleah Davis, Mason Miller, Kamdyn Fairley, Jeremiah Holmes, Zian Arrington, Kaylee Fortenberry, (Lead River Navigator) Carlee Cockrell, Peyton Barber, Lana Bagley. (Not pictured Lauren Lee & Kelsey Devore) 

For many prospective students, the Office of Recruitment is one of the first encounters they have with Pearl River Community College. The River Navigators, PRCC’s student ambassadors, are a crucial part of the recruitment team and represent some of the best and brightest students Pearl River has to offer. 

Representing PRC to future Wildcats and their families is the primary responsibility of a River Navigator. Their tasks include providing campus tours, assisting with recruitment and school events, participating in community service projects, and serving as hosts to a variety of groups who visit our campus.  

“This group of young men and women embody what it means to be leaders at The River,” said Kari Eve Valence, coordinator of recruitment and marketing. “The 2021 team is comprised of members of our Honors Institute, championship winning student-athletes, class tutors, SGA leaders, members of our Spirit of The River marching band, as well as a slew of other extracurricular and off-campus commitments.” 

The Office of Recruitment hosted the 2021 River Navigators for a meet and greet lunch inside the Olivia Bender Cafeteria on the PRCC Poplarville campus. The group was then escorted by the PRCC Recruiters across campus on an hour-long walking tour to demonstrate how to best highlight all that The River offers. A partnered scavenger hunt across campus helped to challenge their memory and geographical skills as a way to measure how much they retained from their tour.  

Kaylee Fortenberry, this year’s lead River Navigator said the day set the tone for the 2021 – 2022 school year. 

“I know what Mrs. Kari Eve and the Recruiters expect of us, they want us to represent PRCC just as they do and show our future Wildcats how proud we are to be a part of The River and what an amazing school and family it is,” Fortenberry said.  

These positions are highly sought after by PRCC students both for the experience and the service scholarship they receive each semester. They also earn one credit hour for their work. 

“To be chosen as a member of the PRCC River Navigator team is an honor and testament to that student’s dedication to living their life The Wildcat Way - with Pride, Respect, Class and Character,” said Valence. “This diverse group works diligently to appeal to our future Wildcats’ various interests and ideals about college life — and they do so in the hopes of growing our Wildcat Family.” 

Prospective students can contact the Office of Recruitment to schedule a campus tour by calling 601-403-1197, emailing recruitment@, or visiting the webpage 

Applications for future spots are accepted in the spring with interviews held in May or June. More information is available at

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August 25, 2021 - 10:46am
Brownstone Center at Pearl River opens 2021 – 2022 season ticket sales

Brownstone Center at Pearl River opens 2021 – 2022 season ticket sales

The Ethel Holden Brownstone Center for the Arts is excited to announce the 2021-2022 schedule of events. Season ticket holders will be able to reserve their seats for all PRCC sponsored educational and entertainment events. 

The Brownstone Center is a gem within Pearl River County, providing an elegant setting for performances as well as hosting speakers and other special events. Along with PRCC Fine Arts performances, the 2021-22 season includes speakers and performances by outside groups. 

“I am optimistic to see audiences attending events eager to experience the magic of live performance,” said Trevor Hunt, Director of the Brownstone Center for the Arts. “We have selected programming this year that will appeal to a wide range of tastes.  

“I hope that you will enjoy what we have to offer this year and invite your friends to come and experience the Brownstone Center.” 

The 2021 – 2022 Season 

Dr. Ben Carson — Oct. 5 at 7 p.m.
Heroes & Villains Halloween — Oct. 21 at 7 p.m.  
Annie Moses Band — Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. 
PRCC’s Extraordinary Holiday Playlist — Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. 
The Nutcracker — Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. and Dec. 5 at 2 p.m. 
Committed — Jan. 14 at 6 p.m. 
Mississippi Symphony Orchestra — Jan. 31st (postponed from Sept. 14) 
“A Journey Through Black Music” featuring 2021 Grammy Music Educator of the Year Jeffrey Murdock & “Triumph” — Feb. 11 at 7 p.m. 
The Little Mermaid — April 7 & 8 at 7 p.m.; April 9 at 2 p.m. 
Spring Variety Show — Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. 
Wind Ensemble & Concert Band — April 12 at 7 p.m. 
JazzCats & The Voices — April 21 at 7 p.m. 

Season ticket sales began Monday. Each season ticket is $105. Your seat is reserved for all eligible events at the time of purchase. Individual event tickets are made available approximately one month before each event. 

All ticket sales are made through Hometown Ticketing and will provide purchasers with a digital pass. Season ticket holders will be given a card to present as entry into all events. If ordered online or over the phone, your card will be mailed. In-person sales will be given their card upon purchase. 

Purchase your season pass today at or by calling 601-403-1180. 

“PRCC is thankful for our season sponsors including BankPlus, Hattiesburg Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Clearman Insurance Agency, MAC, the National Endowment for the Arts, and Sonny and Juanita Knight,” Hunt said. 

For more information about safety protocols in place at PRCC, please visit

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August 26, 2021 - 8:44am
Pearl River and William Carey University partnership officially welcome new elementary education students

Pearl River and William Carey University partnership officially welcome new elementary education students

Students from the Pearl River Community College and William Carey University (WCU) third and fourth cohorts recently participated in a signing ceremony that celebrated a relatively new partnership between the two schools. Accepting the individual memorandums of understanding (MOU) officially marks the transition from PRCC to WCU students. 

The partnership between PRCC and WCU began in 2018 to address the teacher shortage. This originated after seeing the number of teachers being licensed by the Mississippi Department of Education plummet from 7,000 to 700. The university decided to start going to potential students for a more “homegrown” approach.  

“Our WCU- PRCC Elementary Education Partnership offers an amazing opportunity for our students to complete their Elementary Education degree with two of the best institutions in the state,” said Christina Miller, WCU-PRCC elementary education liaison. “These institutions work hand-in-hand to help reduce the teacher shortage.  It has been such an honor to work with these institutions and our students as the liaison for the partnership. I love seeing these students achieve their dream of becoming teachers.” 

The cohort started at the Poplarville Campus and has expanded to include students from the Hancock Campus. There are 14 students in Cohort 3 with a graduation date of 2022 and 17 students in Cohort 4 with a graduation date of 2023. 

After completing their associates degree, students remain on the PRCC campus to finish their bachelor’s degree as WCU students. They receive a reduction in tuition while staying on a familiar campus close to the communities where they will do their student teaching. 

“It is a seamless process when they finish at PRCC,” said WCU chair of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Katie Tonore. “They go straight to William Carey, receive a tuition waiver and then we’ll come to them for classes.  

“It is all part of the ‘grow your own’ approach.” 

Many of the current students are already working in local school districts in roles such as a teaching assistant. With most of the courses delivered online, these individuals can continue to work while completing their education.  

“The partnership that WCU has made with PRCC is an amazing opportunity for teacher assistants to continue working while completing their teaching degree,” said WCU School of Education Adjunct Professor Deidra C. Thompson, Ed.S. 

Thompson also serves as Assistant Principal at Nicholson Elementary in the Picayune School District. Several of her teaching assistants are in the program now.  

“This is especially needed at this time as many school districts are experiencing teacher shortages,” she said. 

During each trimester of their junior year, students are rotated through three placements with one in a city and one in a rural area. The third placement is up to the student.  

Their senior year includes a yearlong placement for student teaching in the school district they anticipate working in after graduation. 

“We have teachers calling us every day wanting to hire our students before they even finish,” said Tonore. “This is why their senior year placement is crucial as most of our students will accept a position at that school.” 

Since the partnership began, 11 students have graduated with their bachelor’s degree in elementary education and are now teaching in local schools. 

Students interested in the program can contact Tonore at 601-318-6266 or Miller at 601-463-5202 

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PHOTO: Students attending the WCU-PRCC Elem. Ed Partnership Signing Event at Rotary Room, Olivia Bender Cafeteria on the PRCC's Poplarville Campus  

Back row: Ethan Wilson, Heidi Harriel, Peyton Allen, Raelyn Shaw, Donis Davis
Front Row: April Holifield, Sarena Lott, Angela Seay, Lesa Lee 

August 26, 2021 - 11:18am
Pearl River set to welcome Dr. Ben Carson to campus in October

Pearl River set to welcome Dr. Ben Carson to campus in October

The Dr. William Lewis Honors Institute, along with sponsor Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation, will welcome Dr. Ben Carson to the Poplarville Campus on Oct. 5. Carson will spend time with current members of the Honors Institute before speaking at the Ethel Holden Brownstone Center for the Arts. The presentation is free to the public. 

The Honors Institute Lyceum Lecture Series charts a bold direction in intellectual discourse and academic inquiry at Pearl River. The Dr. William Lewis Honors Institute seeks to host speakers who engage, challenge, provoke, and quite possibly, change lives.   

“We are delighted to work alongside the Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation to extend this opportunity to the communities we serve,” said Dean of the Dr. William Lewis Honors Institute Poplarville Campus Dr. Jennifer Seal. “It is our honor to host Dr. Carson, whom we believe will inspire present and future students to learn, persevere, and innovate.” 

Tickets for this event will be available starting Sept. 1 at


Carson is the embodiment of perseverance for goal achievement. His higher education journey began at Yale University as a scholarship recipient. He continued his training at the University of Michigan Medical School, followed by an internship and residency in neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, where, at the age of 33, he was appointed Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery.  

During his time at Johns Hopkins, he participated in cutting-edge procedures such as cerebral hemispherectomies, for controlling intractable seizures in children, and invitro placement of an intracranial shunt for relief of hydrocephalus. He then went on to lead a team in conducting the first successful separation of occipital craniopagus conjoined twins. 

Carson has been the recipient of numerous awards including more than 70 honorary doctorate degrees, the Spingarn medal, the highest award granted by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP),  and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor bestowed by the United States. Additionally, Carson was named, in 2001, by the Library of Congress as one of 89 living legends, on the occasion of its 200th anniversary. That same year he was named by CNN and Time Magazine as one of the nation’s 24 foremost physicians and scientists. 

Carson is President and Chairman of the American Cornerstone Institute (ACI), which emphasizes common-sense solutions to improve the lives of all Americans. He believes America is more an idea than a place—an idea that promotes liberty and justice for all.   

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August 26, 2021 - 12:49pm
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