Marketing Management

About the Program

Have you ever thought about owning your own business? Would you like to be a fashion buyer, an advertising executive, a visual merchandiser, or a human resource manager? These are just a few areas of study you will be introduced to in the Marketing and Management Technology at Pearl River Community College. The program is a two-year course of study designed to provide specialized occupational instruction in all aspects of the marketing and management industry.

Students in the program participate in “hands on” activities created to prepare them for careers as managers or supervisors in the marketing field.

The Associate of Applied Science Degree will be awarded upon successful completion of the Marketing & Management Technology curriculum.

Career Outlook

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 2007 Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment in areas such as advertising, sales, public relations, marketing and sales managers is expected to “grow faster than the average” for all occupations through the year 2014.

Course Descriptions

Course TitleCourse DescriptionCourse Number
Principles of Marketing. (3) Study of principles and problems of marketing goods and methods of distribution from producer to consumer. Types, functions and practices of wholesalers and retailers in the American marketing system and efficient techniques in the development and expansion of markets are included. Three lecture hours per week.MMT1113
Marketing Management. (3) Prerequisite: MMT 1113 This course is a continuation of MMT 1113. Three lecture hours per week.MMT1123
Personal Selling. (3) Basic principles and techniques of salesmanship and their practical application. Topics include basic tenets of psychology as related to the selling field, motivating the customer to buy, closing a sale, how to lose a sale and still keep a good customer, and producing good customer relations and a good selling environment. Three lecture hour per week.MMT1313
Advertising. (3) Prerequisite: MMT 1113 The role of advertising and its effectiveness. Consumer and product research, advertising media and strategic planning, and advertising construction. Two lecture and two lab hours per week.MMT1323
Merchandising Mathematics. (3) Study of the mathematical calculations involved in the merchandising process. Fundamental principles and operations in buying, pricing and inventory control. Three lecture hours per week.MMT1413
Principles of Management. (3) The objective of this course is to present a straightforward, fundamental approach to managing a business firm. The steps in planning, organizing, leading and controlling a business concern are discussed. Emphasis is put on basic managerial decision-making activities with the use of case studies and experiential exercises as primary learning tools. Three lecture hours per week.MMT2213
Human Resource Management. (3) Objectives, organization and functions of personnel programs. Emphasis is placed on selection and placement, job evaluation, training, education, safety, health, employer-employee relationships and employee services. Three lecture hours per week.MMT2233
Marketing Case Studies. (3) The study of effective marketing management decision making through case study analysis. Three lecture hours per week.MMT2243
E-Commerce Marketing. (3) This course introduces the fundamental opportunities and challenges associated with e-commerce activities. Topics include designing the user inter face, Web security, electronic payment systems, promotion, and legal issue involved in creating a functioning on-line business. Three lecture hours per week.MMT2313
Multimedia Presentations for Marketing. (3) Design and deliver multimedia marketing presentations through the use of appropriate multimedia software and tools. Topics include marketing design concepts and related marketing communication strategies. Two lecture hours and two lab hours per week.MMT2333
Retail Management. (3) Studying of retailing process including functions performed, principles governing effective operation, and managerial problems resulting from current economic and social trends. Three lecture hours per week.MMT2423
Entrepreneurship. (3) A course designed to provide the student with an understanding of the opportunities, processes, activities and disadvantage of operating or owning a small business. Analysis of market opportunities and personal assessment of entrepreneur qualities, feasibility studies and basic management skills are the basic topics of discussion. Two lecture and two lab hours per week.MMT2513
Event Marketing. (3) This course is a continuation of design principles learned in Marketing Seminar I as well as incorporating the design of a plan for special events, trade and consumer shows, exhibitions, and conventions. A continuation of the portfolio assembled in Marketing Seminar I is used. Two lecture and two lab hours per week.MMT2523
International Marketing. (3) Provide students with an overview and understanding of international marketing. This involves an analysis of world markets, their respective consumers and environments, and the marketing management required to meet the demands of constantly changing foreign markets.MMT2613
Supervised Work Experience in Business Marketing and Management Technology. (1-6) Direct application of concepts and theory of marketing management technology. Students will work in a marketing related environment. Three to eighteen hours internship.MMT291(1-6)