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In Summer 2013, Pearl River Community College (as well as the other 14 community colleges in Mississippi) will move to the Canvas platform by Instructure as the new learning management system for the college.  Blackboard will no longer be available after June 1, 2013 to students or faculty.  This website will serve as the communication tool regarding the migration to Canvas.  Please check back often for additional information regarding best practices, timeline for implementation, and training materials.

PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS PAGE AND CHECK BACK OFTEN.  Frequent emails will also be sent out regarding updates.

The eLearning and Information Technology departments at each institution are already working on the back-end implementation and setup of Canvas for our colleges.  Once this set up is complete the eLearning office will begin training faculty and staff on the new platform.  The system will "go live" for the Summer 2013 term to students.

The eLearning staff is looking forward to this challenge and very excited about the changes that are being made to improve teaching and learning.  This is what you can expect with Canvas:

  • Clean, intuitive user interface, featuring drag and drop usability throughout
  • Notification options for faculty and students using Facebook, Twitter, text message and more
  • Significantly faster tools for grading (SpeedGrader) and various grade comment options
  • iPad compatible and free mobile apps
  • Wikis, RSS feeds, and web conferencing integrations
  • And much more...

Here is a short video on some of the features you will find in Canvas.

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Training Videos

For a full list of video tutorials, visit the Canvas Video Guide.

Additional Training Material