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Registration Questions

After you are admitted to Pearl River Community College and have been “cleared” by the Admissions Office to register, please ask yourself these questions:

Have I spoken to an advisor or counselor about which courses to take?

Yes. If you have met with your advisor, then you may click on REGISTER NOW!

No. It is very important that you speak to an advisor before registering for courses. It is imperative that prerequisites and/or ACT score requirements have been met. Your PRCC counselor/advisor is the designated resource for you educational plan.

If you have been assigned an advisor, please contact your advisor for an appointment. If you don’t have an advisor, please contact the Counseling Center either on the Poplarville or Forrest County Campus to make an appointment with a counselor.

Poplarville Counseling Center: 601-403-1250
Forrest County Campus Counseling Center: 601-554-5500

Do I have “holds” on my student account?

Yes. Go ahead and clear any holds you may have on your student account. Students’ registration requests are often rejected because the student has “holds” on his or her account in one of the following offices:

  • Admissions: 601-403-1214
  • Business Office: 601-403-1205
  • Financial Aid Office: 601-403-1029

No. If you don’t have a “hold” on your student account, then you may click on REGISTER NOW!

How do I register for online courses?

You will use the “Register Now” process to complete your registration request. After you have spoken to an advisor, have cleared any holds on your student account and have decided on which online course(s) you can take, then you are ready to complete the registration process.

What do I do after I have requested my online course(s)?

Please allow our office 48 business hours to process your request. After 48 business hours, please verify your registration request by accessing your Student Profile. This verification is the fourth step in the “Register Now” process.

There is no refund once a student has completed at least one assignment/activity in the class. If you have any questions or issues regarding your Student Account, contact Laura Chisolm in the Business Office at lchisolm@prcc.edu