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Textbook Information

Please view the textbook information on your Student Profile before you purchase. Some of your online classes will require that you purchase your textbook from the bookstore (see Options 2 & 3 for details). However, you may also have an online class that will use an eBook. This will be indicated on your Student Profile.

1: eBook

If your online class uses an eBook, you will not be required to purchase your textbook through the Bookstore. A fee for the eBook will automatically be charged to your PRCC student account.

2.: Visit a PRCC location

  1. Print a copy of your Student Profile.
  2. Take the Student Profile to the Textbook Store.
  3. The Textbook Store will sell you the textbooks if it is a PRCC class. If the class is a class taught by another college, the Textbook Store personnel will order the textbook for you.
  4. Check your purchase to make absolutely certain that the textbook matches the information on your Student Profile!!

3.: Purchase your books online

  • To order textbooks, students can visit the bookstore web site at http://bookstore.prcc.edu/ 
  • If coming to campus, students must submit a copy of their Student Profile along with each order. After the online textbook order form has been completed, the student can bring the form along with a copy of their Student Profile to the campus bookstore or fax a copy to the store nearest them.

4.: Vendor of your choice

Use the information on the Student Profile to purchase the textbooks from a vendor of your choice such as Amazon.com. Financial Aid cannot be used for this purchase. Be sure to order early and allow time for shipping.