Refund Policy & Withdrawal


Students who officially withdraw or cut-out of all classes during a semester will have their financial accounts reviewed to determine if adjustments to institutional fees should be made. The institutional refund policy is applied to all students, without regard to academic classification or eligibility of Title IV student assis-tance.

Appeals for refunds due to extenuating circumstances may be made in writing to the Business Manager, Pearl River Community College, P.O. Box 5060, 101 Highway 11 North, Poplarville, MS 39470. Any refund will be mailed to the student at the address of his/her record on file with the Office of Admissions. The refund policy for PRCC is described on the chart below.


Fall & Spring Percentage Refund Summer
1st Week 100% 100%
End of 2nd Week 75% 50%
End of 3rd Week 50% 0
End of 4th Week 25% 0



Fall & Spring (Withdrawn By) Percentage Refund
Before Classes Begin 100%
1st Week 75%
2nd Week 50%
3rd & 4th Week 25%
After 4th Week 0


**SPECIAL NOTE: No room and board refunds are issued during the summer semester.


A student who wishes to withdraw from PRCC must obtain a withdrawal slip from the Counseling Center where a counselor will explain the procedures for full with-drawal from the college. The grade in each class from which a student withdraws will be determined by the instructor of the respective class.Students officially withdrawing from PRCC during institutional and/or federal refund periods who receive federal financial aid are required in accordance with federal regulations to return “unearned” portions of federal funds to the financial programs from which aid was disbursed. Students who do not complete a period of enrollment may not “earn” all of their financial aid based on their date of withdrawal from the institution. The method of returning funds to federal programs is calculated using the federally mandated financial aid refund policy (Return of Title IV Refund Policy), in conjunction with the institutional refund policy with regard to tuition and fees. The student should be advised that this calculation may result in the student’s owing a balance back to PRCC for funds that the institution has been required to return to federal agencies on behalf of the student, or in a repayment owed back to the U.S. Department of Education that the student must pay.

Unofficial Withdrawal From PRCC

lf a student begins attend-ance at PRCC, then stops attending classes, does not officially withdraw, and then fails to earn a passing grade in at least one course offered over an entire enrollment period, PRCC must assume, for Title IV purposes, that the student has “unofficially withdrawn” from the institution unless the student can provide documentation of his or her attendance. This documentation must come from an instructor and it must verify the student’s attendance through the 60% point of the semester as required by federal regulations and by the Office of Financial Aid. If the student cannot submit the required documentation to the Office of Financial Aid by the date specified for each period of enrollment, PRCC will be required to perform a Return of Title IV Funds calculation and up to one-half of the student’s federal aid may have to be returned to the respective agencies from which it was awarded for that period of enrollment.