Pearl River Community College

Clubs & Organizations


The FCC DECA collegiate organization prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in business management, finance, marketing, hospitality in colleges around the globe.  FCC DECA is responsible for local service projects, competition at state and national levels, and providing leadership on our campus. If you have any questions about DECA, please contact Amy Smith at or Silvia Preston at

Science Club

Our PRCC-FCC Science Club is a science honor society. We accept PRCC students that have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students must have completed or be enrolled in at least one science course and 12 hours of course work. Membership can be used on your future resumes as an honor society. Also, students in the science club make great friends and study partners. You will develop meaningful relationships with your science instructors leading to more advice and recommendation letters for admission into future programs or colleges.

Videogame Club

The videogame club is a casual recreational club open to all PRCC students.  We we have monthly meetings where we gather to play and talk about games.  The games we play at the meetings include everything from Virtual Reality and PC to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.  Our meeting feature everything from friendly competitions to casual party and trivia games. Contact Dr. Dan Childers for more information.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is made up of a collection of students who are elected by the student body as representatives. SGA is responsible for organizing student activities such as Fall Fest, Spring Fling, and area service projects. Members also maintain a well-rounded campus presence to assist both faculty and students with events, questions, and needs. There are three scholarship-based executive positions: President, Vice President, and Secretary. In addition to the executive offices, both the sophomore and the freshmen students will elect a president, a vice president, and a secretary to represent each of the two student populations. Executive officer elections are at the end of the spring semester, and sophomore and freshmen officer elections are at the beginning of the fall semester. If you have any questions about SGA, have a service project idea, or would like to run for an office, please contact Silvia Preston, Mary Ann Stewart, or Sarah Welch