Pearl River Community College

Extracurricular Activities

As part of the Honors Institute you will have the privilege to participate in many extracurricular activities. Every student is in at least two committees, and every committee is in-charge of different things. We have an Enviormental Committee, Outside Activities Committee, Recruitment Committe, and a lot more! The Outside Activity Committe finds places with activities for us to go learn and have fun. We go to a variety of places every year, such as historical battlefields and museums. We can even stop to eat beignets at Cafe Du Monde or grab a bite at the iconic Parkways Bakery and Tavern! This is one of the wonderful perks of being a student of PRCC's Honors Institute.


The 2015-16 committes are:

Lecture Series:
Stephanie Rasco, Chase Fairchild, Ishtar Rosario, Courtney Thompson, Jared Bowman, Brandon Landrum, Drew Larsen and Ross Savoie

Outside Activities:
Stephanie Rasco, Jensen Powell, Lexi Cooper, Brian Oliver, Ishtar Rosario, Mack Ladner, Nancie Hebert, Ken Dickinson, McKenna Bryant, Kristen Martin, Shawn Ladner, Wil Bailey, Juwan Hollins, Travis Stennett, Alyssa Fuller and Kyle Estess

Inside Activities:
Mack Ladner, Isidora Varnado, Chandler Moore, Jordan Reynolds,
Nancie Hebert, Shawn Ladner, Devin Hedgepeth, Wil Bailey and Sam Recatto

Environmental Projects:
Seth Bowman, Rebecca Barrett, Kelle Thigpen, Brian Oliver, Shawn Ladner, Sarah Spence, Tyler Sumrall, Natalie McCormick, Reagan Norwood, Alex Cumbest, Chandler Moore, Hannah Mitchell, Jonathan Lewis, Travis Stennett, Collin Carpenter, Jenna Lee, Jared Smith, Samuel Bond, Lexi Cooper, Brennan O'Keefe, Devin Hedgepeth and Jordan Reynolds

Study Abroad (England 2016):
Lydia Smith, Jensen Powell, Chase Fairchild, Drew Smith, Karissa Davis, Tory Ladner, Isidora Varnado, Kristen Martin, Jordan Reynolds, Lydia Howard, Kelle Thigpen, Courtney Thompson, Jacob Kutch, Sarah Spence, Juwan Hollins, Alyssa Fuller, Alex Cumbest, Shawn Ladner, Reagan Norwood, Brennan O'Keefe, Madden Stockstill, Rebecca Barrett and Jenna Lee

Mississippi Honor's Conference:
Seth Bowman, Collin Carpenter, Jared Smith, Samuel Bond, Lydia Smith, Tory Ladner, Lydia Howard, Jonathan Lewis, Clay Garrett, Tyler Sumrall, Natalie McCormick, Ishtar Rosario, Andrew Madden, Drew Smith and Jacob Kutch

Honor's Website/Social Media:
Ishtar Rosario

Honor's Photography/Videography:
Ishtar Rosario and Andrew Madden

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