Executive Producer , Lindsay Loustalot (right), goes over a Healthy People Now! script.  Loustalot, who recently retired from her position at Pearl River Community College as the Department of Nursing Education nursing instructor and wellness coordinator, continues to work as the Healthy People Now! Executive Producer.


Film Director, Ronn Hague (left), continues to work as Media Coordinator/Museum Director and film production class instructor at Pearl River Community College.  He has been the director of Healthy People Now! since 2004 and has written and directed more than 40 Healthy People Now! films for the program.

About us

Healthy People Now! began in 2004 with limited equipment and no funding.  In 2008, the Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation funded the program with a $50,000 grant which was used to purchase professional film equipment and fund the program for a three year pilot run.  After the grant ran out, the program sought to go a different direction when statewide fiscal cutbacks reduced the number of nurses in schools.  Since nurses were the main facilitators for Healthy People Now! the program had to look for a new delivery method.


The new delivery method was discovered after we checked our Youtube account.  To our surprise, without any promotion or even new postings, the site grew to more than 15,000 hits in less than three years!  So now, we will work through this site, several social media sites and continue to work through our youtube site.


Who are the crew?

Crew members are made up of Pearl River Community College's film production class.  This allows the film production class to receive hands-on training on the Healthy People Now! sets.  It is a win for Healthy People Now! and it is a win for the members of the PRCC Film Production Class.


How can you help?

We have an account set up through the Pearl River Community College Development Foundation for tax deductible donations.  You can fund us with a one-time gift or with monthly donations.


You can find more information HERE.


If you are an actor and wish to find out more information about acting for Healthy People Now!, you can find acting information HERE.


If you are an educator, counselor, or someone who works with children and wish to order free copies of Healthy People Now! productions, you can find information HERE.