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Pearl River Community College Film Production class and now the Film and Video Technology program has been filming the Healthy People Now! productions since 2008.  During this time PRCC students have filmed more than 50 short health-related films, many of which are posted right here on this website.  People are often more interested in working behind the camera (crew) than in front of it (cast) so they often ask how they can become a part of the class.  Pearl River Community College offers the Film and Video Technolgoy program to train people to work in film and video occupations..  If you are interested in applying as a full time (15 credit hours or more) or part time (less than 15 hours) student you will want to fill out an application here.  These classes also qualify for dual enrollment, so if you are going to be a high school senior in the fall, check into our dual enrollment program and you can start working in film a year earlier.  See the PRCC website for more information on Dual Enrollment.


You will also need to fill out a class application.  We have a limited number of slots, so you will need to act quickly.


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We teach each student how to work skillfully, safely, and amicably on a film set.  As a student, you will devote 2 hours per week to class time.  This time is split between an hour of hands-on instruction and an hour of classroom instruction.  During the hands-on portion you will work with each piece of equipment the class owns, learning how to set it up and break it down, learning how to skillfully and successfully operate it, and learning how to pack and unpack it for transport.  This instruction includes: cameras, jibs, dollys, lighting equipment, grip supplies, sound equipment, and anything related to a film set.  During the class instruction portion, you will learn useful things about working in film, such as:  copyright law, film set nomenclature, film job descriptions, film set safety, film set etiquette, camera shots, camera angles, camera movement, formatting and writing scripts, lighting a set, framing,  proper recording methods, camera lens, editing, the cinematography team, the script supervisor and continuity, pre and post production, and more.




Classes meet for four semesters and can be taken as a two-year class (freshman and sophomore) or can be taken as a power course of freshman and sophomore curriculum simultaneously.  Sophomores meet from 6 to 8 on Monday evenings while Freshmen meet from 6 to 8 on Tuesday evenings.  Shoots are scheduled a minimum of 2 weeks in advance and are usually (but not always) scheduled on the weekends (Saturdays and occasionally on Sunday).  You will need to make sure you make as many of these shoots as you can since you will be allowed to work different positions on the set on different shoots so that you get some experience in all areas of the film set.  Remember, on-set training is part of your curriculum.

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