Healthy People Now! films


This page contains links to Healthy People Now! Films.  These films are divided into sections about specific issues you may face.  Sometimes you may be conflicted about certain issues,  and these films can help you make a better decision about how to best confront those issues.


We encourage you to share these films with your friends.  If you want to share them, click on the youtube logo on the bottom right hand of the viewer.  It will take you to the page on the youtube site where the actual film can be found.  Click on "share" and select the social media icon where you want the film shared, or copy the link and paste it into an email.  Thanks for watching!






Joey's Bad Day -  Joey is having a bad day.  He's new at school, and a bully has found him to be an easy mark because he is new.  Even Joey's teachers and classmates aren't any help.  This is not unusual since each day in the United States, 160,000 students miss school because of bullies.  For every classroom of 30 students, 9 students report they've been bullied.  It is a problem of immense proportions, and it does not just go away.

The Hole - Nathan and his gang are chasing Ethan until one of the gang gets a call from home and the rest decide they 'have to go home,' leaving Nathan to pursue Ethan on his own. When Ethan hears the gang pass by his hideout, he figures the coast is clear only to be discovered by Nathan. When he leads Nathan down an out-of-the way trail, he jumps a hole he knows is in the path. Nathan doesn't know about the hole and falls in, breaking his arm. Now, the tables are reversed and the bullied kid is suddenly in charge. Will he leave the bully there to die, saving himself from more bullying, or will he help the kid get out?

Simon's Friends - Lifetime friends find out that  Simon, one of a  trio of friends is gay.  Now the other two boys are faced with the decision of whether or not to "ditch" their friend or face bullying and scorn from their schoolmates.  Will they let Simon face the music alone, or will they stand by their friend.   What would you do?


Left Alone - When Deanna Williams leaves her four kids home alone, things go from bad to worse.  First Katelyn abandons the two younger kids while coercing her thirteen-year-old brother to watch them.  He decides to sneak out with his friend Dillon to see some girls and they get busted for shoplifting.  Can things get any worse for the Williams family?

Money Problems - Mikey and his little sister Amanda are forced to face the shocking reality that they might be "getting poor" since their father has lost his job.  How do money problems affect kids?  This film seeks to explore how the two children handle their problem

Good Enough - What would you do if you found out your best friend was planning on taking steroids to increase his chances for a college scholarship?  David became concerned, really concerned for his friend, because he knew that taking steroids was not only risky, it was dangerous.  What would you do if you were faced with this situation?  Would friendship overrule the need to tell someone?

Pardon My Smoke - A tongue-in-cheek examination of smoking and how the habit manipulates those who become addicted.  Startling statistics make a real impression while the misconceptions about smoking and its effects are revealed.


Hard Choice - Evan’s hero falls leaving him with nothing but a hard choice. Evan discovers his brother is being radicalized. He is concerned and needs to find out what he should do, so he asks his closest friends. His problem is if he tells somebody, it could get his brother into a lot of trouble, even if he is just kidding around.  If he doesn’t tell somebody Evan is responsible if his brother really is planning on hurting people. Ultimately, he has a decision to make. It’s his choice to make and it’s a hard one.


Funky Chicken - Kids who try the choking game (a.k.a. The Funky Chicken and other names) risk permanent physical brain damage and death.  This film examines how a bunch of middle school kids find out about this game and what happens when they try it.

Whiskey Love - Jamie gets drunk at a party and runs into her ex-boyfriend.  The following morning she learns that while intoxicated, she had sex with him.  Several weeks later, she learns she is pregnant and confronts Timothy, wanting to know what he intends to do.  He lets Jamie know in no uncertain terms that it's Jamie's problem.


Jason's Remorse - Jason, who's relentlessly bullied at school, is taking matters into his own hands, but that only makes things worse. When he seeks a permanent solution to a temporary problem, things only go from bad to worse, and death is permanent.


Shoot Him Again - When violence on TV gets out of hand, 3 boys get sucked into the they explore the pitfalls of spending too much time tuned in to media and tuned out to reality.  They are not amused when it gets all too real!


Netwerked- Bobby is a self-admitted multi-tasker.  He stays online talking on the social media, instant messenger services, and plays online games.  The problem is, he is skipping classes to indulge in his obsession.  His friend David is not as addicted to the Internet and technology as Bobby is, and he worries that Bobby is going to waste his opportunity to get an education.  Online and media can be as addictive as other habitual vices.

Huckleberry Finn and the Widows Mite - deals with doing the right thing. When Huck finds a ring in the path, he thinks it belongs to him because of the rule, "finders keepers, losers weepers." He finds out Becky Thatcher, who Tom's sweet on, lost a ring just like the one he found. Huck is in a dilemma now. He knows it's Becky's ring, but he doesn't want to let go of it. What to do?