Pearl River Community College

Service Alerts

Banner Upgrade for Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday, July 1, 2016, a Banner upgrade will occur.  During the upgrade, ALL connections to the database must be disabled.  No one can be working in or with any system that might connect to the Banner Database.  Please make certain you have completely logged out all systems before leaving work on Thursday.  Notification will be sent when the system is available.

The Woodall Center cannot make outside calls or receive incoming calls


2015-06-23 19:45:34 EDT - Jason Bordelon
After additional troubleshooting by both vendors, it was determined that there may be a faulty VoIP card on the PBX. Forerunner will dispatch a technician to replace the card.

Incident state: Awaiting Vendor

Unplanned Internet Outage

Thursday, April 23 11:00 am - All campuses are experiencing an unplanned internet outage. We will post updates as available.

IT Services Unplanned Disruption – All Campuses

Description of Outage: Internet, Network and Voice Services Disruption – All Campuses
Systems Affected:  All Network and Voice related services for All Campuses
When: March 16, 2105 at approximately 5:10 PM

Microsoft Exchange - Intermittent Availability 12/13

Intermittent Availability - Friday, 2/13/15 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

  • Mail will continue to queue while the system is offline; once the systems are back online, mail services will be fully accessible.

Banner Outage 2/13 - 2/15

Banner Systems (both INB, SSB, and RiverGuide Self-Service (Wildcat Web) Functionality will be unavailable from 6:00 PM Friday (2/13/15) until Noon Sunday (2/15/15)

  • Please note:  RiverGuide, Canvas and Email will be available during the maintenance window.
  • Mandatory federal Clearinghouse updates will be installed in the Banner production environment. The magnitude of this effort requires that the system be off-line during the process.