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Internet ArchivePRCC Digitized Annuals and Catalogs
A collection of numerous annuals and catalogs from the past up to 2012.

ebooksEBSCOhost eBook Collection
eBook Catalog

Recorded BooksAudiobook Collection provided by Recorded Books
Must create Recorded Book account in the Library.

ebookseBook Collection provided by ebrary (ProQuest)

MagnoliaMAGNOLIA provided by EBSCOHost
Articles for every subject area.

EBSCO HostHumanities Source provided by EBSCOHost
Humanities Full Text. Articles from Humanities Index.

EBSCO HostAssociates Programs Source Plus

Designed specifically for the research needs of two-year colleges, and provides comprehensive coverage of the most relevant associates program level content. The database covers a wide-range of subject areas to cover key studies in two-year college settings; from cosmetology to fashion design, to biotechnology to health information technology, plus dozens more equally varied areas of study.

EBSCO HostCINAHL Complete provided by EBSCOHost
CINAHL Complete. Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature.

Nursing Reference CenterNursing Reference Center

  • Over 3,000 Quick Lessons & Evidence-Based Care Sheets
  • Over 2,200 nursing skills & skill competency checklists
  • Over 1,300 continuing education modules
  • 750+ legal cases
  • 350+ research instruments

  • ProQuestProQuest
    Nursing & Allied Health Resources. Complete full-text information for nursing and allied health fields.

    Statista is the leading statistics company on the Internet. Through the portal, Statista Inc. from Hamburg offers business customers an intuitive and innovative research tool for quantitative data. Statista is the fastest and most comprehensive starting point when it comes to researching figures, data and factual information.

    World BookWorld Book Online
    Reference Resources. Encyclopedia articles, electronic book, etc.

    Films on DemandFilms On Demand Instant access to thousands of films grouped into subject-specific categories.

    Mississippi Electronic Libraries Online

    Credo Reference
    Credo is an easy-to-use tool for research projects and homework. Search in hundreds of encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, quotations, and subject-specific titles, as well as 200,000+ images and audio files, and nearly 200 videos.

    MagnoliaNBC Learn Higher ED

    NBC Learn is a collection of over 14,000 standards-aligned resources designed for use in the classroom.

    Journal of the First-Year Experience & Students in Transition

    Additional Resources