Pearl River Community College

Medical Laboratory Technology Program

Program Information

Location(s) of Program: Forrest County Center

Brief Description of Program: Highly trained, skilled Scientist who perform complex laboratory testing to aid the Physician in the patient’s diagnosis of illness/disease.

Essential Requirements of a person in this career field:

Instructor Contact Information for the Program:

Possible Careers in this Program: Laboratory Professional, Physician, Forensics, Pathology

What a student can expect from a career in this field: At career entry, the medical laboratory technician will be able to perform routine clinical laboratory tests as the primary analyst making specimen oriented decisions on predetermined criteria.

Possible earnings of jobs in these career field: Average of $18.00 per hour

Mission of Program: To provide high quality laboratory testing that contributes about 70% of the Physician’s medical decisions for patients.

Goals of Program: This program is designed to meet the standards and requirements for careers in clinical laboratory science.