Pearl River Community College

Peer Leaders

2016 Peer Leaders - Poplarville

The PRCC Office of Student Success student staff are a prestigious group of students who contribute their leadership to the life and culture of our college.  These students accomplish a variety of tasks throughout the year:

  • Better connect new students to PRCC and other students during ROAR
  • Provide positive mentoring to students throughout the academic year
  • Contribute a sense of community, pride, and spirit to PRCC

There are two main roles within the Office of Student Success student staff:

  • ROAR Orientation Leader - Orientation Leaders welcome and help transition new students to PRCC during ROAR
  • Peer Leader - Peer Leaders offer mentoring, guidance, and tutoring to all students during the academic year

Students are able to serve as one or both roles.  Please see below for more details about each position.

ROAR Orientation Leaders

2016 ROAR Orientation Leaders

During the summer, Orientation Leaders help students transition to college by leading small group discussions, teaching students to navigate RiverGuide, assist students in course placement, and inform them about student life at PRCC.  Through these experiences, Orientation Leaders have a big opportunity to make a positive and lasting difference on campus.

Orientation Leaders are required to attend an 8-week, 1 credit hour training course (LEA 1911) in the spring semester before serving as a leader.  The training course is designed to develop leadership skills, build confidence in public speaking, and provide general knowledge that will help them be successful leaders during ROAR.

For more information about becoming an Orientation Leaders, please read through the application documents below:

ROAR Orientation Leader Description

ROAR Orientation Leader Application

ROAR Orientation Leader Reference Form

Peer Leaders

2016 Peer Leaders - Hattiesburg

During the academic year, Peer Leaders serve as tutors and mentors in the Student Success Center.  Peer Leaders are an integral part of student success here at PRCC.  In addition to these duties, Peer Leaders also work with the students enrolled in the First-Year Seminar course and offer out-of-the-classroom support.  

For more information about becoming a Peer Leader, please read through the application packet below:

Peer Leader Application Packet