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QEP - Final Countdown!

Dr. LewisCan you believe QEP is about to debut? In just a few days, our SACSCOC Onsite Committee will be visiting our campus to see all the hard work that’s gone into the creation and development of Passport to Success. 

The QEP is growing up!

Get the ScoopHas anyone seen our QEP toddler? No? Well that’s because he’s maturing right before our very eyes and he’s now a full blown preschooler – and you know how active they can be. QEP knows the SACSCOC visit is close at hand, and he’s just about as excited about this big event as he was for his birthday!

QEP Center Stage

QEP Center Stage

You know that QEP bundle of joy that arrived on the scene this past year? Well it toddled all over the place and made its debut appearance August 10th!

It's a....QEP!


As the 2014-2015 school year has come and gone, we all anticipate the potential for the next school year, and, to take from the previous entry, PRCC is expecting great things in Fall 2015 with the implementation of the QEP. Now, the QEP won't be totally matured and in full swing just yet, but signs of it will be all around starting in the Fall 2015 semester.

Baby on Board!!!

Congratulations Wildcats! We have welcomed a new bundle of joy into the PRCC family.  Its name is the QEP and it will need lots of nurturing if it is to grow into the great opportunity that we all know it can be. 

So you may be thinking…wait…we just welcomed a what? What is this QEP?  How will I be involved?  Why is this blogger comparing an educational plan for the college to a baby?  All good questions so let me proceed and explain. 

QEP Tree