Pearl River Community College

Student Government Association (SGA)

Student Government AssociationThe purpose of SGA is to promote students’ rights and responsibilities, address student concerns, facilitate cooperation between students, faculty, and administration, encourage pride within the community, assist in student life/campus activities, and serve on institutional committees that assist in enhancing the overall college experience for PRCC students.

  • Enjoy exclusive SGA trips and events
  • Learn teamwork as well as leadership as we plan, set up, and conduct events of all kind.
  • Members must be in good standing with PRCC and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA

Scholarship opportunities available! Executive officer (President , Vice-President, and Secretary) elections will be held each April. These three elected officers will be the leaders of the organization the following year. Each officer will receive a scholarship for their service. Officers must be full time students.

For more information, email Jason Francis