Study Tips

  • SIGI3 - Includes a personality analysis, career and educational planning, research various majors and occupations To access use login: and password:
  • GPA Calculator - Key in your current grades to calculate your GPA
  • Learning Styles Inventory - Take this survey to see what learning style works best for you! Then, use the helpsheets to examine how you can improve your study habits based on your learning style.
  • Myers Briggs Personality Test - Take this quiz to discover your personality type! Based on your results, the test will produce a series of letters that correspond to the categories you are most likely to fit into – extravert/introvert, intuitive/sensing, feeling/thinking, or judging/perceiving.
  • How to Study Tips - Includes articles on time management, meeting your goals, studying strategies, working in groups, exercises to practice what you’ve learned, etc.
  • Quizlet - Make flashcards, take practice tests, review databases for various courses such as English, math, science, art, and literature. Create a free account so that you can save your work online!
  • Test Taking Tips - Tips and strategies for acing tests, taking notes, and even last minute cramming.
  • ACT - Information on the ACT test, practice tests, college planning, career planning, and financial aid
  • Test Prep Preview - Free online practice tests, study sheets, and flashcards for standardized tests such as the ACT, GRE, PRAXIS, SAT, ACCUPLACER, GMAT, etc.
  • Open Office - Need Microsoft Word? Check out this free online resource.
  • Grades 2 - Grades 2 shows can be used to see what score is needed on an upcoming assignments, tests, or finals in order to get the grade you want. It includes due dates and a GPA calculator.
  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) - OWL is a resource for students writing college level papers. There are grammar exercises, MLA formatting guidelines, as well as suggestions for improving organization and content assignments.
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