Message from the President

Dr. LewisDr. William Lewis

At Pearl River Community College, we are committed to providing “quality educational and service opportunities for all who seek them.” In keeping with PRCC’s mission, our newly awarded Title III grant will be used to develop and pilot initiatives that will increase student retention and graduation rates for both the Poplarville and Forrest County Center campuses. Receiving this major Title III grant award will afford PRCC the opportunity to ensure the success of students in meeting their educational goals.

One of the foundational building blocks for our institution is our commitment to our students. We make every effort to put the interest of our students first and foremost in all that we do. This philosophy could be taken to have different meanings. At Pearl River, putting students first means that we shall strive to ensure that each and every student who enrolls with us will have every opportunity to meet their educational and professional goals.

We believe that the implementation of the Title III grant will support and enhance our philosophy of putting the interest of our students first. We are truly excited about the possibilities that this new program will offer to our students. As we grow this program, I am confident that our students will benefit greatly from the advisement and retention efforts that are the focus of this federal grant award.

Message from the Director

Dr. TownsendDr. Amy Townsend

In October 2009, Pearl River Community College was awarded a five-year Title III Grant of approximately $2 million from the U.S. Department of Education’s Strengthening Institutions Program and the Higher Education Act. The focus of PRCC’s Title III grant is to support the development and piloting of new, promising practices in advisement and academic support to include: 1) Student Success Centers; (2) faculty/staff training in proactive advising; (3) peer mentoring; (4) first year success course; (5) Supplemental Instruction; (6) web-accessible advising tools; and (7) student progress/outcomes tracking. Each of these activities will lead to overall student success through increased retention and graduation/transfer outcomes.

PRCC’s Title III grant is focused on creating a new Integrated Learner Support System (ILSS). Working collaboratively through grant initiatives across institutional department/units and campuses, PRCC is developing an academic culture in which students can succeed and meet their educational goals. For some students, this will be the completion of an Associate of Applied Science degree or certificate program. For others, academic transfer to a senior college will be their primary educational aim. Through the design of the new ILSS, advising procedures and processes will improve through faculty/staff training and the implementation of online advising tools. The opening of the new Student Success Center on both the Poplarville and Forrest County Center campuses will afford students access to current technologies and a place to learn and study with fellow students and peer mentors. Years 2-5 will bring the incorporation of Supplemental Instruction with high-risk developmental and gatekeeper courses. Through each of these grant activities, PRCC students will be poised for success!