Pearl River Community College

Policies & Procedures


Absence of Policy

Adopted June 9, 1981

Revision Date October 15, 2003

Reference: Administrative

Policy: In cases where action must be taken within the college system where the Board of Trustees has provided no guidelines for administrative action, the President will have the power to act, with the decision subject to review by the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting. It will be the duty of the President to inform the Board of Trustees promptly of such action and to determine if there is a need for a policy.

Procedure: The President will make a decision where there are no policy guidelines for administrative action. The President will request that the Policy and Procedure Committee develop a proposed policy establishing guidelines on that particular area. In the event that the catalogues, handbooks, and other official publications of the College contradict the adopted policies of the Board, the most recently adopted policy will supersede all other publications and rulings. Because policy is in a continuing state of review and revision, it will be the responsibility of the various administrators and faculty members to review and revise, if necessary, all policies and procedures annually, to propose changes as they occur or are deemed necessary, and to furnish information needed for revision of publications as directed by the administrative officers at responsible sites. A proposed policy will be approved by the Policy and Procedure Committee, the Administrative Council, the President, and the Board of Trustees of the College before it becomes a policy of the College.