Pearl River Community College

Policies & Procedures


Transportation for Student Activities

Adopted May 11, 1976

Revision Date July 11, 1995

Reference: Administrative,Student Services

Policy: Pearl River Community College provides transportation for approved student activities.

Procedure: Sponsors for clubs and organizations engaged in college activities requiring college transportation will turn in a request to the appropriate administrator. This approved request must be submitted to the President's Office at least one week prior to the date needed. This request will contain the number of students desiring transportation, the date, departing and returning time, and destination. This request must have approval of the appropriate administrator prior to submitting the form to the President's Office. The requestor will be notified as to the availability of transportation. Students will be governed by the rules and regulations as stated in the Student Handbook of the College when traveling on any college vehicle. Students who violate transportation regulations or College rules and regulations will forfeit their right to the use of college supported transportation and will also be subject to disciplinary action.