Pearl River Community College

Policies & Procedures



Adopted December 7, 1993

Revision Date November 3, 1994

Reference: Administrative,Educational Programs

Policy: Pearl River Community College will enforce and abide by the Mississippi Association of Community and Junior Colleges handbook in regard to recruiting.

Procedure: Pearl River Community College does not invite participation from outside of this community college district in activities that would serve the purpose of recruitment. A committee composed of the Dean of Student Services, the Vice President for Instruction, and the Assistant Dean for Student Life will define whether the activity serves the purpose of recruitment and will make a recommendation to the President. Pearl River Community College personnel will not contact groups or individuals from outside our own respective district for the purpose of influencing students to attend our college. Specifically, we are directed as follows: A. Pearl River Community College will not conduct or participate in recruitment events or other activities in another community/junior college district. This includes recruiting by mail. In reference to mail, the College has the right to reply to any request from prospective students when they request information by mail. However, Pearl River Community College will not acquire mailing lists for students outside our recruiting district for general mass mailing or other means of solicitation. B. Only invitations issued for regional or statewide career fairs, health fairs, or related activities associated with and/or sponsored by the university system and/or agencies of the state may be accepted. Invitations will not be accepted for out-of-district high school visits, band performances, performing groups, athletic events, or any other such activity that is not sponsored by the Association. Exceptions for these types of recruiting activities, and regional/statewide events must have the written approval of the president in whose district the event or activity is to occur. Appeals of this policy are made directly to the commissioner of the Mississippi Association of Community and Junior Colleges and from the commissioner to the executive committee of the association; and from that appeal level to the Mississippi Association of Community and Junior College's 15-member presidential body. The decision of that body shall be final. C. Students are eligible to participate in the district to which their home county is assigned by law or by the Association. D. There will be no solicitation of athletes or other students in counties assigned to another district. Overlapping districts are an exception to this policy. The following is the defined procedure to investigate any potential violations of district policies as stated in the Mississippi Association of Community and Junior Colleges handbook. 1. All requests for investigation of possible violations of the district policies must be filed in writing with the Commissioner's office by the President of the institution making the request. 2. The Commissioner will investigate the alleged violation and will assess penalties according to the guidelines in Section 3 of Article VII. 3. Institutions will have ten (10) days after receipt of the Commissioner's ruling to appeal to the next highest level. 4. The institution may appeal the decision of the MACJC Executive officers to the MACJC which will conduct a hearing at its next regular scheduled meeting. Decisions of the MACJC will be final. Institutions that request an investigation will be responsible for all expenses involved unless the findings verify their allegations. In this case, the institutions in violation of the rules or policies will be billed for the cost of the investigation and all other expenses to the MACJC. Most importantly, the association has adopted a list of sanctions for violation of the aforementioned district policies. The sanctions read as follows: If a member college of the MACJC violates any rule listed in Section 1 of Article VI of the MACJC Handbook, that college will be subject to the penalties listed below as deemed necessary by the Commissioner, the Executive Officers of the MACJC, or the MACJC acting as a full body. SANCTIONS: 1. FIRST OFFENSE - Probation serves as an official notice that action is necessary to be in full compliance with MACJC Rules & Regulations. 2. SECOND OFFENSE - Restriction on participation in MACJC sponsored activities. 3. THIRD OFFENSE - Loss of voting privileges in the Association, in athletics and other MACJC sponsored activities. 4. FOURTH OFFENSE - Loss of participation privileges in athletics and other MACJC sponsored activities.