Pearl River Community College

Policies & Procedures


Student Access to Faculty

Adopted May 13, 2003

Reference: Instruction

Policy: All instructors will be accessible to students.

Procedure: 1. A work schedule must be posted in a prominent place near the office door of each fulltime and part-time instructor. A minimum of one hour during each day that the instructor teaches will be clearly identified so that students know that the instructor is normally available during that time for help and advisement. A statement that the instructor is available at other times by appointment must also be clearly displayed on this posted schedule. 2. Each instructor will inform students in the course syllabus of ways, other than in person, in which students may contact the instructor. These may include, but are not limited to, an email address, a postal address, an office telephone number, and, if the instructor chooses, a home or cellular telephone number. Providing such alternative means of contacting the instructor is particularly important for instructors of online classes, night classes, weekend classes, and other classes that meet in a manner other than the traditional two or three times a week in a classroom. An email address is required for instructors of online courses. Instructors of online courses must make this information easily available to distance learning students by posting it, and any other information that may help the student contact the instructor, on the Blackboard System.